Emergency Dryness

Monday, May 28, 2012

I got the title from a co-worker who always has a body butter beside her in case of "Emergency dryness". I thought of that when I thought of purchasing these giant moisturizing lotions. I always moisturize before I go to work, I skip it when I'm about to be late, but I do it most of the time. 

I also have one mini lotion in my bag in case I get super dry, which led me to think, why do we always feel dry despite the moisture that we give our body. I actually have a very oily face but I feel like my body needs more of it. I read from Helga's blog that the more you deprive your body of moisture, the more it produces oil so that it will still be moisturized.

Pomegranate and Apple
When it comes to the smell of my moisturizing lotions, just like perfume, I don't settle for one smell. I bought one with a fruity smell and the other one makes me smell like a pastry with chocolate. Yummm!

The consistency of the lotion was pretty thick and the smell stayed for quite sometime. If you were to sweat like a basketball player, I don't think it'll last that long. For P129, I think it was worth the price. The Cocoa butter had the same smell as St Ives' Moisturizing Lotion in Cocoa Butter. The Pomegranate and Apple didn't really smell like the fruits mentioned in the label but it smelled fruity and nice so I like it as well.

I suggest you grab, you can give it to friends or keep it in the office in case of emergency dryness. Lol.

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