Mama I Love You, Mama I Care

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ola! Today is technically Monday in the Philippines, so this is a cheat post and I'm hoping you read this EST. Yesterday was a busy day and I forgot to queue this blog post, what is there to queue anyway when I haven't even created one? Lol. 

This isn't going to be one cheesy, message of realization, full of drama post. I just want to thank my Mom for being the awesome woman that she is. 

Hi, Mom. You probably won't be reading this because you get irked at the thought of looking stupid in front of a gadget that's thrice your size. I know our relationship is not that of a perfect Mom-Daughter kind, it's actually very far from for it. I tend to disagree with anything you say just to make a point, in the end I end up realizing that what I did didn't actually make sense. It always doesn't when I have an argument with you. I always end up doing silly things just to get your attention, jealousy maybe? At this age, I shouldn't even be "jelly" at all. I grew up having your undivided attention, having 3 siblings come after me isn't really something I should be jealous of.

Come to think of it, among the 4 of us, I had the most time with you since you weren't as busy and sickly back then as you are now. I'm deeply sorry for the times I made you worry and cry. I realized I'm very lucky that I can still give you a phone, edit your recent photos, cook for you, take you to the spa, dedicate this blog post to and say I love you everyday. Some are not as lucky. I'm sorry I took that for granted.

With that, I would want to make the most out of this day. It may not be Mother's Day anymore, but we can pretend that it is --everyday actually.

And I start now. Got to go, will be cooking breakfast for mi Lovely Mother!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!


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