Show Me Your Things, I'll Tell You Who You Are

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some people say UPans are too proud of their school, it's a stereotype that most people carry with the same thinking that not all people from UP got in because of their brains but because of their connections. Comments? Bitter! Loljk. If that's what they/you think, go ahead. You probably took the exam and had a failing mark hence the accusations and assumptions? I tell you, you're better off with that. Entering UP is actually not a problem, getting out of it aka graduating is. So, if you didn't make the cut during the entrance exam, if in any case you get in by any miraculous deed, you probably won't be able to graduate anyway. On your second year you'd have an average of 3 failing major subjects, no available class to enlist for and a professor who hates your guts. The next semester will be harder, you'll get that terror prof everyone's been talking about, fail your grades because of alcohol and night outs then end up getting dismissed because of too much extra curricular activities. 

And no, I'm not in a feud with someone. I just reminisced how I used to defend the fact that I got in even if I was just your average high school dork. And that thinking brought me to this..

I got this from Watsons for P69, the original content of the sanitizer was Candied Apples but I didn't like the smell so I asked the cashier if I can exchange the content and she said yes. I chose Ocean Breeze because it smells more refreshing, it's blue though. I got it from the NU Bulldogs pack. Heh. It's a UAAP thing. 

My sheets look dirty, but they're not. Swear. 
Ain't it pretty? I have no intentions of flaunting this around. I bought it so I can have something to remember my Alma Mater aside from the fact that I work right in front of it.


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