The Sun Is Out And I Want Some

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I'm so excited. too excited I can't even focus on work so while I try to divert my attention and try to bring myself together, I'll blog about the place were going to on Holy week. Yeaaah men!

This is the first time I'll be going out of town on a Holy Week. My family being very conservative as they always are, we weren't always allowed to go out nor have fun during Holy Week and this was supported by traumatic childhood experiences. We were to just stay at home and pray or try to be holy, with which most people call "Staycation" nowadays. Well, minus the being holy part.

Let me introduce, *drum roll please* --CAGBALETE!

*Can't wait to swim here!
*Infamous Sand Snakes
We're going there via Byahe Lokal. It's like a Travel agency online. Well, to say that is too much, let's just say they offer packages which include transportation, food, and basically everything you need if you're planning to go to the beach--for a certain price.

The packages are quite cheap. This is my first beach trip with them so I can't really say if they're flawless or not, will talk about it after the trip. Also, you can choose from a vast selection of food from their menus. They also have a registered nurse on board in case anything bad *knocks on wood* happens.

Oh, and they also have a volleyball, Frisbee, guitar and a hammock than you can borrow. Awesome! I hope everything goes well and that includes the weather. Philippine weather has been quite bipolar lately. Yesterday I felt like I was burning in a furnace so I wore a sun dress today to battle the heat. The moment I got inside the office, it started to rain like hell. WHAT THE ACTUAL FVCK?

But, I'll try to rant some other time since my mind is about to go on vacation mode. Let's not ruin that. For now, more photos of Cagbalete 'til we get there. EGGZAYTEEEDDD!

*Disclaimer: All photos are not mine. Grabbed them here and here. Hopefully, I get to upload my amazing photos next week. Lelz. 

What are you doing on Holy Week?


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