Daily Shot Of Coffee

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Since I got promoted, I had this feeling that I'm spending more than I should. I've been saving more money before I got promoted, which is weird because I'm supposed to save more, right? Anyhoo, I'm not here to talk about saving or anything, while I do have some (savings, that is.), I'm not really good at following my own tips.

So today is where I talk about one of my luxuries which is -- coffee. Yes, glorious coffee. I love going to Starbucks because their coffee is sweet, like it's specifically engineered for Filipinos. Not saying that all Filipinos like their coffee sweet, just in general. Also, their baristas are so friendly! I started appreciating them when they started spelling and pronouncing my name correctly!

Apple Berry Freeze, Coffee Jelly and Roasted Chicken Pesto Sandwich

We've been addicted to coffee for quite sometime now, still not that crazy over Milk tea. We crave for it after dinner which I think gravely contributes to our bulging tummies! You know that layer of whipped cream, oooh just can't resist it!

That's me, devouring my sandwich.

So yeah, a date is almost always followed by coffee not just at Starbucks but practically any coffee shop with decent coffee and a sumptuous pastry.

Where do you usually hangout?

Happy weekend!

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