Tokyo Tokyo, what is this sorcery?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I had a very disappointing experience last Wednesday, stupidity got the best of me because I forgot the malls will be closed. I planned all my shopping on a Black Friday and that includes beach essentials such as sunblock, swimsuit, etc.

Anyhoo, after rushing to look for the perfect swimsuit that will exhibit my curves (chos!), I still had time to buy other beach essentials and even did some nail polish shopping spree. After all the hoolabaloo, I went to Tokyo-Tokyo to grab some grub. From what I remember, here's how the conversation went.

Me : Ate, I'll have a 4pc California Maki, Miso soup and a sumo iced tea.
Ate : Ma'am wala na pong Maki e, American Maki nalang po. Pero masarap naman po sya
Me : *thinks about it since I'm dying of hunger* Uhm, okay. Sige yun nalang. 

The customer next to me ordered California Maki too, the only difference is that she got one and I didn't when I ordered ahead of her! Here's what happened next.

Me: Ate, akala ko ba wala ng California Maki, ano yun?
Ate : Ay Ma'am kalalabas lang po nun eh, gusto nyo add nalang po kayo. 
Me : Ano naman kung kalalabas lang? Sana chineck nyo muna kasi diba. Oo gusto ko yun pero ayoko kong mag-add, palitan mo nalang yung American Maki. 
Ate : Ay Ma'am hindi na po pwede eh, na-punch na po kasi. 
Me : Edi ipa-void mo. Hindi ko naman kasalanan na hindi mo chineck. 
Ate : Hindi na po pwede eh, mapapagalitan po kasi ako. 
Me : Ate, hindi ko naman nga kasalanan na hindi mo chineck. California Maki nga po gusto ko e. 
Ate : Hindi na po talaga pwede Ma'am, add nyo nalang po kung gusto nyo. 
Me : *rolls eyes* Sige. Pakitawag na rin yung manager mo. 
Ate : Wala na po sya e. 

End of conversation. 

I decided to get my order because I was starving and most restaurants were already closed. Since I felt like I lost the battle that day, I decided to let the whole wide world know how horrible their customer service was and probably still is. Why the hell would you tell a customer that you don't have what they want, then suddenly another customer gets it. Lazy ass much? I'm really disappointed. I've always been happy with their service until this instance. I hope this is an isolated case. 

Dear Tokyo Tokyo, 

If you can just give me the kind of service you've always given, that will be nice. 


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