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Monday, April 16, 2012

Who doesn't love bullet fast Internet connection? I bet everyone of us would love to watch Gossip Girl uninterrupted, download GotYe's latest single, blog about our awesome Easter and what have you. The intarwebs is a whole different universe for all of us. But then again everything goes haywire when that movie starts to download at 0.2kbps, yes? Raise your hands if you're with me!

Good thing we have had a PLDT landline since I was in my Mum's tummy, and soon as PLDT had this Phone+Internet package, my Mom thought it was a good idea. I do too.

This connection gave me the glory of uploading 2 high-res albums in Facebook in 2 hrs, I was able to dload 5 movies, catch up on Gossip Girl, Glee, The Secret Circle, etc. I'm sorry if I keep talking about Gossip Girl, you know you love it. Hahaha! Also, I was able to participate on several blog hops during the weekend because of my connection!

I thought I was happy with what I had until I heard about PLDT myDSL's Great Payday Sale! I can do so much without it, what more is in store if I avail of it? I can't even--. I'm excited!

Okay, okay hold your horses. I know everyone wants a piece of the hot stuff, let me fill you in with the details first!

  •  1. This summer is the perfect time to enjoy the strongest connections at home with PLDT myDSL’s Great Payday Sale happening on April 27-29, 2012.
  • 2. All they have to do is register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, no cash out!
  • 3. They can upgrade their Internet with PLDT myDSL’s biggest Internet sale ever.
  • 4. Freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation and 1 month DSL will be given away. That’s as much as P5,000 savings.
  • 5. They can also apply online at

Aaaaand, need I say that your pockets won't be complaining since it's a payday sale? Booyah! If I were you, I'd take note of these dates and head over to the nearest PLDT home booth on April 27-29! See you there!

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