Heal The World : Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hiya, fellas! First off, happy earth day! Aside from getting +3 pts whenever you check in at Foursquare for enjoying the great outdoors, there are other things we need to worry about while celebrating Earth day and one of those is the #save182 project. For followers who don't live in the Philippines, you can google save 182 to know more about the movement.

Most of us think we care for the environment just because we repost #save182 posts on tumblr or put hash tags when we post about it on Twitter. Let's all remember that it doesn't stop there, awareness is one thing, action is another. After being aware, make sure you understand what you're being aware of. Remember to think before you click. Keep in mind that every repost has the power to inform or misinform someone who's going to read it.
I just want to share a short story while we're at it. A couple of days ago after my sister's graduation, my family wanted to eat somewhere. My Mom suggested we go to SM since it's the closes thing to Baguio Convention Center. My sister and I knew about the movement and what SM is trying to do, we told Momsy to try Good Taste instead! We did the right thing when we invited the whole FamBam to dine there. They enjoyed the Garlic Buttered Chicken, Crispy Pata and Chopseuy! We spend roughly around P2,000 for 13 people and we even had takeout food!

Another instance was when my Aunt wanted to buy things for my sisters apartment. She told us we'd go to SM Dept. Store to shop for their necessities (i.e. pale, rice dispenser, kettle, etc.). We also told her we can go to the public market instead where everything is way cheaper, plus they're not earth-balling any trees just for a parking lot, yes? :D

For Earth Day, don't just get a screenshot of Google then post it on Tumblr or Facebook or Instagram. Get involved in your own small way, here's mine.

What's yours?


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