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Monday, April 23, 2012

After my sister's graduation, the FamBam (which is never complete) decided to tour Baguio! I've been out of Baguio for 3 yrs but I can still remember some of the landmarks and all that shiz so my sister and I acted as the pretend 'tour guides'.

My sister, Ney. 
Our first destination was the Strawberry Farm in KM6, La Trinidad. You get to wander around the farm for free but if you want to pick fresh strawberries you can do so for a fee. You have to pay P400/kilo for freshly-picked strawberries but the good thing is it's not on a per person basis. The whole family can do the picking and you just have to pay for the strawberries.

Strawberry Fields forever
And yes, I have to have a photo of my nails here. Lulz.
Mumsy and I!
Strawberry Taho
Sagada Oranges
Strawberry ice cream
When you go there, I suggest you try the Strawberry Taho and Ice cream, they have bits and pieces of real strawberry! A lot of vendors also sell Duman. It's some sort of rice that looks green, I'm not sure if it's made of rice but we bought a kilo and it was delicious with milk.

I was the one taking photos of everybody during the trip that's why most of my photos are of food, inanimate objects or other people. This is one of my few shots and it's not even decent. :/ At least I enjoyed the ice cream.

Our next destination was Bell Church! Nothing special about the place for it was just, err, a church. I'd probably be more interested if I knew the history of the place because the architecture was pretty awesome. The temples were locked so we didn't really get to go inside.

After Bell Church, we decided to go to The Mansion! I was so eager to have a look inside the house, I see no point in taking a photo outside. While trying to walk closer to the mansion, an armed guard reprimanded me so I backed off. Hehe!

After The Mansion, we also went to Mines View Park. There are a lot of things you can do here, eat, explore, learn more about the Cordilleran culture, buy souvenirs and it's also near Good Shepherd so you can buy your pasalubongs there. 

Pusit for P20.

If there's anything you should do in Mines View, it's to avoid having photos with the dogs there. There are several St Bernard's scattered around and they're really enormous and may look cute at first but look at this one's eyes. They look so red and tired, probably from several flashes. If you really want to take a photo, make sure the flash is off.

Dream catchers
I'm thinking this is a ritual for abundance.

After Minew View, our next and last stop was Burnham Park. The first thing we did was try boating, no photos because I was freaking out. I tried it before and it was okay, when I was with my family I felt like the boat was going to sink any time so I kept on screaming. Hahaha! We also tried the roller skates/blades or whatever you call them! I couldn't even walk over some place without falling!

Cousin trying to balance.
That's me on the verge of falling.
All sweaty after 30mins.
I think skating is a good workout! I was sweating for 30 minutes! hahaha Anyhoo, the day was uber fun! We didn't even have to go to SM for lunch or breakfast or dinner because Baguio has its own wonders! You need not go to a capitalist mall just to have fun, you need to explore the great outdoors! :)

For dinner, we bought Broccoli and beef and strawberries for dessert, it was a lovely dinner indeed. 

What have you been up to lately? ;)

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