What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ola! I've been a bit quiet these past few days because--wait for it, I attended my sister's graduation! Lol. It's something that the whole family looks forward too. It's sad that my Dad and youngest sister weren't able to attend because of complicated circumstances I choose not to discuss.  

Anyhoo, let me give you a little background about my sister. We haven't always been in good terms, we were in fact the opposite. When we were kids, we'd strangle each other to death over the death of a Barbie Doll. If someone wants to plot revenge, the best way to do it is by beheading the other person's doll. That went on 'til college. I'd complain how chaotic my life was when I had to share a room with her. We'd wear each others clothes then if we see each other in school it'd be peace, but the wrath gets unleashed at home. 

When I started working, I started maturing, fortunately. I saw the world on a different perspective and so did she. I guess we're okay now. Not the best of friends, but sisters--forever! <3

She's not really fond of heels.
My other sister fixed her hair. Prepping for the ceremony. 

My Aunt, Mumsy and my sister
Token of Appreciation
It's a tradition in UP to give your parents a roken of appreciation during the Baccalaureate Mass. This is where the crying usually happens, and this is also my Mom's 2nd time to cry a river.

The afternoon part was exciting because this is where their names get called and they get to go up on the stage and get their diploma. Actually, what's given to them is empty. They still have to get their diplomas for the registrar's office. Haha! At least I'm setting your expectations.

This is her second outfit.


I thought watching my sister's graduation was just another event that I had to take photos of. During the Baccalaureate mass, I cried while my sister was giving her token to my Mom that's why I don't have photos of that happening. I don't really know why but the aftermath was such a great feeling.

Again, Happy Graduation my dear sister and welcome to reality!

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