Come Away With Me : Cagbalete

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How have you been doing? I've been pretty fvcked lately. I'm having 2 different shifts at work on a weekly basis, thank God it's not daily. But I'm surviving. I don't think it does my body any good but I can still stand so I guess I'm OK? NOOOT.

Stop.What this post really wanted to say is that "I had an awesome Holy Weekend!". No BV from here, booyah! We went to Cagbalete, thanks to Biyahe Lokal. Of course it wasn't an all-expense-paid kind of trip. But they did take care of the planning, booking, transportation, food and basically everything else that you need in a beach trip. They offer cheap rates too. Trust me when I say the coordinators are very friendly and professional. They wouldn't let you get bored for a millisecond. I suggest you head over to the site and book your trip, NOW!

Cagbalete Island

After a good 4-hr drive from Manila, we reached our drop off point. This is our boat. The organizers will actually be with the team all throughout the trip to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
Dan and I trying to score a shot before riding the boat.
The water was THIS clear!

After the 45-min boat ride, we had to get off the boat and walk a little because of the low tide. This beach is kind of weird because the water really subsides if it's low tide. The distance that we had to walk was not that far, it was just too hot so I was complaining. Heh.

A dead starfish. Don't look at me.
Even if it was hot and I was complaining, I couldn't help myself because the sand was so fine so I walked and frolicked under the sun barefoot! I didn't realize there sea creatures like this starfish just lying around. There were also Sea urchins if you must know.

Carrie's Banana
Upon reaching the resort, we had an awesome lunch of Seafood and ferns then relaxed with beer right after! The water was still shallow so swimming was not an option yet, skimming probably was but we're too lazy. Some of us had siesta while the others were still drinking.

Chillin' like a villain

The water came up around 5PM, we swam for a bit and headed towards our place for dinner, marshmallows and beer.

I met a dead blowfish on our way back. 

The night was relaxing yet fun. Roasted marshmallows after a filling dinner. Also took turns in taking photos of the moon because it was soooo pretty. Slept at around 9PM, I was tired from the travel. Woke up at around 6AM so we can see the sunrise.

Guess what? Bunny is stoked. Hihihi. 
Seaweed monsters attack!
When the beach is at low tide, this is how it looks like. Those are actually seaweeds. It looks dirty but there are people from the resort who clean up the place. This is the beach at 2PM, when the water is trying to come back.

Boat ride back to Mauban.

It was a fun Holy Weekend away from home! It was even made easier by people from Biyahe Lokal. We're looking forward to our next trip with them, maybe on my birthday! For now, I just want to look at the photos over and over again for that glimpse of paradise. Don't ask me how I got there because this is not a travel blog and I'm not good with directions. I suggest you head over to Biyahe Lokal's site, they can help you out. The admin has a travel blog, or if you want it hassle free, just book a trip with them!

How was your Holy Week / Easter?

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