Remember Me?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Good Morning, monsters! I feel good, I feel light, I feel peculiarly awesome today! And no, I haven't switched work yet, I just went on to start new things, new blogs, new passwords, new everything-well almost. I don't have a new boyfriend, though. Teehee.

I bought a new laptop courtesy of my hard-earned savings. I was ecstatic at first but when I see the receipt over and over again, I always think about the money! Bunny told me not to worry because at least it was converted into something tangible, it was not stolen or something like that, and it keeps me okay for quite a while and then I start to think about the money again.

I had my nails done, my current color is pussy red. I love nail polish, I do give my nails a bit of sunlight and rest every other week to still keep them healthy.My toes doesn't get the same treatment though. Since I have unimaginable ugly toes, I put polish on them all the time. I don't know how to start caring for them. Any suggestions?

Moving on, I also have a new team. Team Zion! It's the same account sans the rude customers and the inconsiderate callers. I love my new team, I get to laugh, to talk to my new team mates and I also troubleshoot and get actual solves so it gets fulfilling as we go on.

I also have a new cellphone and a new number. My phone got snatched at PhilCoa. People should really start looking for work because they do have hope. Don't be fucking parasites feeding on other people's hardwork.

So there, I think I have more updates to do but I'll leave it for next time. I'm going to cook Sinigang as a belated birthday gift for my sister, Polly.

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