I Don't Smell Santa

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I've been through a lot for the past month. Struggling with the change of job and the vacation. Mid-life crisis keeps on getting in the way and mishaps with The Boyfriend. I've been on hiatus for almost the whole of November and early start of December. Here's what happened to zeh Porn Star. Just so you know.

Jumping on the bandwagon

Okay. Here goes nothing. I decided to give in and join the bandwagon of the call center industry. I figured and learned about a lot of things. First is that, the call center industry is not that bad. As long as you still aim for success, it won't be. I don't want to be an agent forever, I am actually eyeing for another position which is the voice and accent trainer. I soooo love what the VA people are doing. Second is that, I am in a very good company. IBM spell years of excellence and innovation. Amongst the call centers that I was planning to apply to, it struck me the most. Even if the pay is not that high, the organization of the company will satisfy your craving for a foundation that is worth staying for. Third is, the kind of people that I'm with makes me want to stay here for the entirety of my career-building stage. I'm so glad God has blessed me with cheerful and good co-workers. It is true when they say that, sometimes when you don't like your job, its the company of your friends that's going to make you stay.

Laptop Mishap

Because of all the porn and the movies that I have downloaded from torrent, my laptop crashed. When I saw the blue screen, I immediately thought that maybe just maybe, its just one of those problems wherein you restart the laptop and after a few seconds it'll be okay again. Apparently, its not. I went to the repair shop for the warranty and firmly instructed the receiver to NOT reformat the laptop unless needed. I also told him to INFORM me if ever he will be reformatting the laptop. I gave him my number and the password of the laptop, and reiterated again and again to NOT reformat the laptop.

A few days after that, they texted me and said that the problem was fixed and I can already get my laptop. I went home and like a giddy little girl separated from her ice cream, I was also giddy for my laptop. I presented the receipt and inspected the laptop. I turned it on and saw a reformatted screen. No files, no application, no everything. My whole world crashed and asked them if 'maybe', they have exchanged it for another. But no. It is my laptop. I freaked out and angrily shouted at the man standing in front of me. I told him to explain and he brought me their manager.

The manager told me that there were no clear instructions about not doing a reformat on the laptop and with all due respect, I told the manager to recover ALL my files then I went away.

I came back a week after to get my laptop but all they managed to recover was 4GB worth of photos. And they told me they've managed to recover 75% of my files? There wasn't even a single word file in it, or an audio file, much more a video file. I was so disappointed but I said nothing. Apparently, their software cannot retrieve as much files because it is not updated. What the FUCK!

Ang akin lang, wag mong galawin ang hindi mo kayang ibalik sa dati. PUTA.

Hrhrhrhr. A lot has happened to me, see? Thank God The Boyfriend is coming over on the weekend to visit me. Cheers to that. Thank you for keeping my sanity, love.

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