5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Ochi

Friday, November 13, 2009

I got this meme from a friend in Facebook and I thought I should do it too! Its fun but I actually have more than 5 reasons on why you shouldn't date me. Okay so let's just refer to this one as a friendly date because if it were to be a romantic date, there'd be only one reason why you shouldn't. Hrhrhr.

1.) I'm totally high-maintenance.

I'm not maarte. I eat anywhere and everywhere, but that is if you are my boyfriend. But most of the time, I like doing and putting up to expensive shit. Also, I dress up all the time which makes it difficult to relate to public transportation. Most of the time I'm into short shorts, heels and skirts which makes it impossible to do the jeepneys, trains and stuff.

2.) I'm an emotional wreck.

I rant about anything and everything! I find it hard not to comment or give my opinion. When I see a lady in a green top and red jeans, expect me to blab about it. You have to be emotionally ready to listen to me. It takes  a lot to do so. That is why I'm thankful for the boyfriend.

3.) I bring disaster.

Because I dress up all the time, I've had several near death mishaps. If you are to date me, you better bring a knife, a pepper spray or something that will keep us out of trouble. I love dressing up and I'm not going to give it up because of random strangers', "Hi, Miss".

The boyfriend doesn't need all those, though. He's my man of steel. Hrhrhr.

4.) I am frank.

I might hurt you with this but trust me, its going to be worth the tears. You can say I wear bad shoes too, I wouldn't mind. I also love criticizing other people, you should be able to put up with that too. I'm exceptionally mean.

5.) I am very touchy.

My friends are cute and I can help but pinch them here, pinch them there. The boyfriend gets a lot from me. I pull his hair, I punch his stomach, I pinch his nose, I squeeze him like there's no tomorrow. You ought to understand that one, too. I get pretty brutal at times but its just tough love, babeh.

I hope you still date me though. I'm still fun to be with. :)

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