Unlucky Me

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hallo! Yesterday my dad and I woke up very early so that it won't take too long for my NBI clearance. We went there around 5am because the NBI regional office here in Pampanga caters to a lot of residents from Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pampanga. Basically even to neighboring provinces that is why its very important to go there as early as possible. Upon arrival, I saw that there are already people lined up, so I also lined up to save my spot. We waited for the office to open, they open at 8am.

Something IS Fishy

At about 7am, a mestiza girl with flashy boobs approached the guard on the door. She told the guard that she's also about to get her passport so she kinda need to hurry up on the clearance. Translation, "Get me a form and I'll show you my boobs." The guard hurriedly went inside, and as he went out, he managed to go a corner unnoticed by other applicants. Apparently, I was watching them with my eyes that is why I saw how the guard gave a form to that bitch. WTH are we in line for? Another applicant saw what he did and complained. The guard told us that she was here since yesterday and that its just a form we're all gonna get once we get inside. WHATDAFUCK was that?

Okay, so I let that one pass because I wasn't really in a good mood to argue and I haven't had breakfast yet. Hence, the bad breath.

The Process

Okay so as they opened the office, the process began. I paid P115 as a fee for the clearance and I also presented my ID so my name will be called afterwards. They gave me a form, personal info and shit and a question on why I'll be needing the clearance. Clearance for Local and International (abroad) follows different processing.

After filling up the form, we did the thumb print stuff for P5 and then lined up for the photo capture device. The 3 consecutive were fast but alas! This is where fate took its toll on us. The next 2 processes were important for they're the data encoding shit and the releasing which took like, forever.

I was done with the first 3 steps by 9am and they were a breeze. I sat on the releasing section as I waited for my name to be called. Unfortunately, people in charge of the Data encoding and releasing were late. Because of their tardiness, the applicants began to pile up and those who were there for renewal were mixed up with the new applicants. Talk about process and system here, I was third in line but a lot of people behind me got their clearance even before I got mine. How stupid is that? They were calling 5 names every 30 minutes and around 11am my name hasn't been called yet.

I tried to stretch my patience for I know there are a lot of applicants. I really tried hard but people who just came in already got their clearance, and I who came there as early as 6am is still waiting.

I went to the counter to follow up on my name but the man wasn't even listening. I was so pissed and I tried asking him again but his ears were fucking shut! I got mad and told them I have been there for 3hours already! They were frightened a bit but at least they processed my clearance.

What happened was my info sheet was lying on the floor. They didn't notice it fell that's why they weren't able to process it. How stupid is that? So they abruptly picked up my info sheet, encoded my data and released my clearance. Its very fast actually if they do have a system.

I was happy upon receiving my clearance, but wait. My name was misspelled and my address number was wrong. I complained and told them that its not a valid clearance unless my name is spelled correctly, and my address too. The guy told me, "Pwede na yan, may piicture ka naman eh". What???? Can you repeat what you just fucking said? Pwede na yan? EPIC FAIL. For people who work there, they should know the importance of an NBI clearance. They should know that such document is very sensitive and this should be done accurately. I was fuming mad and I told them to change it or else. They did change it.

As a conclusion, I wasn't really satisfied with their service. They fucking SUCK! I'll report this to the proper authority, I promise. Fuck that office.

But wait, there's more!

On my way home, I decided to stop at Mang Inasal for a quick lunch. I was kinda bitin with only one rice so I decided to get another one. As I was nearing my table, I noticed that my food was gone! The waiter cleaned my table and he thought I was done with it. FUCKFUCKFUCK. How fucked up could my day be? After that I was so grumpy I just decided to eat 3 orders of Siomai and then I rode the jeep home.

We waited for like 10 minutes so the jeep would be filled up and as the engine started, I knew my fucked-up day isn't over yet. Apparently, the jeep runs so fast (insert sarcasm here). The driver was like driving on the moon, a tricycle even drove past us! WTH. Instead of a 20minute ride home, I spent 45 minutes on that fucked-up ride.

Seems like the bad luck of Friday the 13th hit me yesterday that is why I'm kinda expecting luck today! Moolah come to mama! I'm just thankful that yesterday is over. I couldn't be more thankful.

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