Highschool Sweethearts

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I spent Halloween drinking with my highschool friends. I made a decision to do so when I ditched my friends who were to go to Club Ascend that night. I must admit, I had a lot of fun. We were classmates for almost 12 years and we didn't even have the chance to tell each other some grudges that we have been keeping from each other. That night was the night to do so. We didn't see it coming though, It just came abruptly.

After the drinks, the sing-along, the dinner and the jump shots, we were too tired to do anything else but play truth or dare. In the end, we actually ended up asking each others questions without the help of the bottle though. We said some nasty things that we kept since highschool. It was fun, considering the fact that some of it were constructive and some weren't. But at least, now we know what we did wrong way back.

We belong to the workforce now, though some are still in school. Heehee We were mature enough to know that what we said that night were constructive ones. Cheers to us!

I had a good time, honestly. Till next time, loves.

(L-R Thon Ferrer, Kris Jareno, Neil Hernandez, Nheero Gaza, Zharina Marchan, Jeanelle Guerrero, Me!, Chris Navarro, Sam Galang, April Boado, Joseph Mashirang, France Barela and Claire Arcillas)

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