Spankin', Spookeh Halloween

Monday, November 02, 2009

How's you Halloween??


This year's Halloween is totally spooky. Not in the sense that it has something to do with ghosts or what not. So you see, since I've been to college, I wiped the idea of going to the cemetery during the first of November because I believe everyday is a day for our loved ones who aren't with us anymore. Aside from that, I always thought and observed that All Saint's Day has clearly evolved into something that doesn't even concern our dead relatives and loved ones.

Okay, so first, I was pushed by my mom to accompany my Grandma to go to the cemetery because of issues regarding values and all that shit. My Grandma is a brit citizen that is why I don't understand why she can't comprehend that I've changed and that people my age really assert themselves.Out of my mom's will, I went to accompany Gramma.Here's the things, Gramma has this attitude towards other people, just because she managed to pave her own way in being a brit cit, she feels like she is superior among all other human filipinos. She goes out ranting and bashing everything about the Philippines, she keeps on saying "In England, the cemetery is always clean..blahblahblah..". I was quiet the whole time we were together. I wished somehow she'll realize the world is not always about her, and that she used to be a filipino, gaddamit.

I do find it odd that despite the fact that she is very religious yet contradict herself that much. A lot of us know people like my Gramma. People who are dear to us, most of the time. They go to church every Sunday, they pray the rosary at night and they even donate huge amount to the church yet we see them cursing their house helps, not paying their taxes and others even participate in illegal activities. I just wish we remember the real spirit of All Saint's Day. It was meant to give respect and honor to our loved one's who are not with us anymore, its a time where we can ponder on the thought that, Oh my God, this day is not about me.


I have also observed that despite the fact that a lot of cemeteries are dusty, some of our beloved kababayan's still find it appropriate to wear heels. I mean, come on! Even if you can strut the sexiest cat walk in the whole wide world, its not appropriate to wear heels on a place with a lot of people, crowded tombstones and hell yeah, uber dusty road. But okay, this is a free country. Say you do manage to walk in your 5-inch heels, don't go walking around the cemetery as if you are a princess. People will not give way for you just because you are wearing heels. We are all equal here so, quit it.

Another things is that, I do realize that this day also stands for "Happy Halloween" but don't you think wearing your costumes in the cemetery is too much? LOLJK. I think I meant, the cemetery is not a place for halloween parties. You do not go here wearing skimpy shorts, tube tops, backless dresses and the like partnered with vodka and nuts. Must I repeat, THIS IS NOT A PARTY. The cemetery is not a place to model that new top you got from the nearby tiangge, 2 for P180. And you dude, the cemetery is not a place where you can play your fucken music, its just not the right place. Please do know that not everyone is pleased when you play "Kabet" on your China phone. I repeat, the cemetery is not a place to party.

Serry. This is why I don't like going to the cemetery on ze first of November. It defeats the purpose. EPIC FAIL.

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