Food Diary : Ramen Nagi + Tendon Akimitsu

Monday, November 13, 2017

Heyyyyy, guys! Long time! Can't believe life's been crazy over the past two months haven't really had the time to even update this blog. I still have several back logs but glad to be scratching entry off the list. Don't worry, I'm still your resident foodie and I've been cooking up something quite big for the blog and vlog so please stay tuned! For today's food adventure, I won't even be apologizing for doing Japanese cuisine because, WHO DOESN'T LOVE RAMEN?? I think this is fitting especially with the ~ber~ months creeping in and the weather totally calling for some warmth and comfort food.

So let’s begin with the Ramen first before you go off wondering what Tendon Akimitsu is all about. I first tried Ramen Nagi with my sister who was solely obsessed with their Butao Ramen. During my first try, I was ecstatic with the selection but I was also looking for more variety. Thankfully, Ramen Nagi offers a variety of limited edition Ramen every month and since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I decided to try their Halloween King Ramen! The soup is made of Ramen Nagi’s signature Tonkotsu broth dressed in Pumpkin Soup topped with thinly sliced fresh Pumpkin! The soup was very thick and creamy, which is why I added chili powder to balance the taste and for that extra kick. Also had extra egg served as if the thickness wasn’t enough! I also topped it with additional seaweed to balance out the thickness of the soup.

 And you know how I’m always looking for variety when I eat at Ramen Nagi? Apparently, some of their branches also carry another brand by the name of Tendon Akimitsu. I wasn’t aware if this because If I were then I wouldn’t be looking for variety anymore, lol. Tendon Akimitsu is only available at their branches over at Trinoma, Ayala the 30th and NAIA. I had the chance to try out their specialty—Tempuraaaa! I was also a bit overwhelmed because they have SASHIMI! That was my ultimate dream. Have Ramen AND Sashimi, not Gyoza. I used to frequent Ramen Nagi over at UP Town Center and I remember wishing I hope I could have Sashimi with my Ramen, lol. But noooow, I actually can have both!

For the food, we ordered the Ebi Tempura Set (P420) and the Squid Tempura Set (P390) as we were told Tempura is their specialty. Both are served with a cup of rice, pickled cabbage, miso soup and a slice of fresh fruit—perfect for the ultimate lunch/dinner set! I love Ebi Tempura. I seldom see restaurants do shrimp heads when doing Tempura and I don’t get why? Shrimp head is the tastiest part of the shrimp so for crying out loud please don’t disregard it. So hat’s off to Ramen Nagi for that one. I also love how the Okra was cooked to perfection. Crunchy on the outside but still soft and chewy on the inside!
 Will I come back? Hell, yes. I think my relationship with Ramen Nagi has gone full circle now that I know some of their branches carry Tendon Akimitsu. I’m a simple woman with simple wants—to be able to enjoy my fresh raw fish alongside my authentic Ramen and now, I can do that with Ramen Nagi and with a branch that’s like 5 minutes away from my office, huhu. Crying ugly tears because I know how much I’ll be spending every lunch time but also smiling ‘cause I know it will be worth it. Sorry for the outburst of thoughts and emotions on this post! I realized I haven’t talked about food in a while and writing this article made me really happy hence the overflowing thoughts, hehe. Anyway, Ramen Nagi’s Halloween King Ramen will only be available until November 15 so take advantage of the holidays and go grab one now! Have an awesome 2-day work week, guys!

Budget : P200 - 400 / person
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Ground Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City
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