Kitchen Chronicles : Fresh Kimchi (Geotjeori)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If you're my friend on Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram, you'd know by now that I've been obsessed with Korean food since December. And no, I don't watch Korean dramas though I find them appealing. I've seen snippets of a few shows on Facebook and the story line does look interesting--but at this point, I just don't have the energy to add more to my growing list of 31 TV shows. But if I do, I'm pretty sure it'd be the perfect combo to my growing love for Korean Food.

It all started with Youtube. I started my Youtube channel a few months back, and instead of watching make-up tutorials, I've been wasting my time watching Asian recipes. Asian cuisine is so interesting. You can go on a diet but still keep your food fun, clean and healthy! I subscribed to this Korean Mom who's vegan and loves to do amazing Korean recipes. That's how I developed my love for Korean food. I mean, she just makes everything look delicious! I would eventually go on and recommend Korean food to my friends and colleagues but they'd immediately say, "I hate Kimchi 'cause it's sour!" That statement, my friends, is what led me to this recipe. I discovered you can actually make Fresh Kimchi and it's not sour at all. Just the perfect miz of sweet, tangy, savory and spicy flavors all in one simple side dish. Let's begin!

For Salted Cabbage
Napa Cabbage

For Kimchi Paste
Green Onions
Gochugaru (Koream Red PepperFlakes)
Fish Sauce
Apricot Preserve
Sesame Seeds

1. Cut the Napa Cabbage in quarters and remove the stem. Cut into bite sized pieces.
2. Mix the water and salt and pour over the cabbage. Make sure all the cabbage are well covered with water.
3. Toss the cabbage and mix well. Press down as much as possible to make sure everything is soaked.
4. Soak the cabbage for 40 minutes. Toss and turn every 15 mins or so to even out the soaking process.
5. While soaking the cabbage, mix all of the ingredients for the Kimchi Paste.
6. After 40 minutes, drain the cabbage and wash thoroughly to remove the saltiness.
7. Mix the cabbage and the paste evenly using your hands. To avoid the red color sticking to your hands, you can use plastic gloves.
8. Once well combined, top with sesame seeds and serve along side a hot cup of rice.

I didn't put any measurements on the Kimchi Paste because I just eyeballed everything. If you want it to me more salty, add more fish sauce. If you want to a more fruity flavor, add more Apricot preserve. if you want it to be more spicy, add more Korean Red Pepper Flakes and so on. Just customize it according to your taste preference! 😉 I'll be attaching a video for reference, This is the exact process I followed. The only thing I didn't follow were the measurements, lol.

Whenever I run out of the traditional fermented Kimchi, this has been my go-to side dish for all the Korean dishes I've been cooking. A lot of my friends are also more welcoming of the taste since it's not fermented thus skipping the sour taste of the traditional Kimchi! I'm thrilled to share more recipes with you guys, though I get that I've been sidetracked from my Discover Davao series, lol. I'll try to get back to that within the week, pardon the delay. Hope you guys are having an awesome week!

Have you tried Geotjeori?

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