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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

While categorizing my Discover Davao series, I was debating with myself if I should still include this place on the list. We only stayed in Davao City for a short time since we decided to go all out on Samal. And after much though, I decided to include it anyway. It's not everyday we get to try a restaurant that has such an exemplary view of Davao City. 

After a tiring visit at the Davao Crocodile Park, we wanted to pig out and regain our energy for we will be doing a lot of walking the next day. We asked around the Park and we were told that Jack's Ridge is a good place for dinner, with an awesome view of the city to boot. We hailed a cab and told him our destination. As any other place in Davao, they were kidding when they said it's just near the park, lol. At least in my standards. I think we were travelling for about 20minutes and traffic wasn't even heavy, haha. Can you imagine? Davao is indeed one massive hell of a place. 


The land on which Jack's Ridge now stand once formed part of the headquarter of the retreating Japanese forces towards the end of the World War II. The Americans had landed in Davao on May 1, 1945, forcing the Japanese to beat a path to Matina Hills where they had a commanding view of the Davao Gulf where the American ships were anchored. Fierce fighting soon erupted between the two forces, and as history shown us, the Japanese lost.

Today, more than half a century later, Jack's Ridge is filled with reminders of its historic past. Caves dug by the Japanese pockmark the area, and once in a while people still find bullets and other war materials in the rocky soil.

There is also talk that hidden somewhere in the caved are gold bullions and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other countries and brought to Davao.

Whatever the truth is about the treasure, Jack's Ridge maintains the feature that made it an important outpost for the retreating Japanese forces, a commanding view of Davao City and the Gulf, the same view within the premises is also refreshing, since the owner has made its mission to preserve the natural beauty of the place. (via)


We weren't able to take photos of our food, because as you can see, we spent most of our time trying to get the perfect angled shot that includes us and the majestic view of the city, lol. We ordered Siningang na Pork (P250), All-Season Vegetables (P300), Jack's Fried Chicken - Half (P192) and Nilasing na Hipon (P232). We also got 2 cups of rice priced at P23/each. Everything was okay, nothing special. I enjoyed the Fried Chicken because the skin was cripsy, but the meat was a bit dry. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the food since I was looking for something that would be more representative of Davao--just like the KBL (Kadyos, Baboy, Langka) we had when we were in Iloilo. The prices was average too, I guess, given the view you get with the place. 
Would I come back? Definitely! The food may not have exceeded my expectation but th eplace sure did. I think I forgot to mention their super creative rest rooms. Everything was just so artsy about that place. I would've wanted to enjoy my coffee while smoking a cigarette. Too bad several warning signs are plastered all over the place reminding me of the hefty amount I'd have to pay if I'm ever caught smoking, lol! If ever you guys are planning to visit Davao anytime soon, make sure you drop by Jack's Ridge to bask in the amazing view that I also thoroughly enjoyed. 


Have you been to Jack's Ridge?

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