Food Diary : Kaito Japanese Restaurant

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I was supposed to resume blogging about my Davao trip since I have a new travel post lined up, but I just can't help it. I discovered a new Japanese restaurant and I'm obsessed! Not even sure if I should call this a ~restaurant~ since the name actually says carinderia, but whatever! I love it! I saw this on my Facebook feed a few days ago, and you know I won't pass up any opportunity to try out an affordable Japanese place! This will only be a short post since I've attached a video with it anyway so you can have a better idea of what the place is like. Plus, more graphic reactions for you guys, haha! I also recently realized that taking videos is waaaay easier than photos when it comes to documenting my goof adventures, so I'll be doing more of this!

The Place
The place stays true to its name. It's really a carinderia! It's located right off the street with a few seats and a Sushi bar. According to the waitresses, sometimes they pitch big tents so they can accommodate more customers. We parked the car on the street across the place. We were a bit worried because we couldn't see it and there were unfriendly looking people circling the car when we were leaving. But thankfully, someone offered to be on the lookout and we just paid him P20. 

As mentioned, the queue was already long when we arrived and we were advised to get a number. We were already at #13, and it was just a few minutes past five. We already looked at the menu and decided on the things we will order as we were waiting because we were on the queue for over an hour!

The Food
THE FOOD IS GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING! My god, I can't stop raving about it. For the price, this place is a winner. Their Ramen starts at P50, and they also have really cheap Sushi dishes! We ordered Ebi Tempura (P145), Spicy Tuna Maki (P135), Salmon Maki (P175), Shuoyo Ramen (P55), Omu Rice Bulgogi (P110) and Salmon Sashimi (P185).

My favorite was the Salmon Sashimi. Of course the price isn't as cheap as the other dishes, but it is relatively cheap compared to other Japanese restaurants I've tried. It was also the creamiest Salmon I've had by far. Once I bit into it, it sort of melted into my mouth giving me a pleasurable orgasmic mouth party. Second would be the Salmon Maki; it was a montage of flavors I can't even begin to describe. Next would be the Ebi Tempura; I haven't had Ebi Tempura that included Shrimp heads! And boy were they tasty! I wasn't very fond of the Shoyu Ramen and Omu Rice, but I think that's because of my seafood preference in general. But the dishes were great too and well worth your money. Plus the egg on that Ramen, perfect bite on the outside, runny on the inside!

You don't even need to ask me if I'll be coming back because I definitely will! As of this writing, I'm waiting for the boyfriend to come pick me up so we can be there right on the dot--less queue! I sure hope they open a few other branches in the metro because I saw other customers who were waiting too long just give up and go their way. It's always a sad sight to see potential customers turn away just because of the waiting time. If you do get to try this, hit me up and let me know what you think! PS I know my video reactions were hilarious, haha! I get all weird around food.

Kaito Japanese Carinderia
Budget - P50 - P150 / person
5PM-12MN |  +63 9493556970
A.Apolinario, Makati, 1233 Metro Manila
This is NOT a sponsored post.
Kaito Japanese Carinderia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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