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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

With the numerous choices you'd have to deal with when going to Maginhawa, sometimes you can't help but look for something relatively close to home. And when it comes to food that's close to home, nothing beats pork. It's as good as it gets. When we got invited to try One-Fifty Food Place's The Piggery, I was a bit skeptical since I'm already trying to eat healthy. You can check my #BaonSeries on Facebook for proof, lol! 

But anyway, I'm easily swayed when it comes to food so the boyfriend only had to ask me a couple more times for me to say yes. I had to cut down on food for some days of the week because I know I will be maximizing my cheat day credits when I get there.   

The Place
One-Fifty Food Place isn't difficult to find. It was raining during our visit, but good thing the place had a covered area so our dining experience wasn't ruined. There are several other stall around the area, just like other food parks, in any case you and your friends can't really decide on a specific cuisine. Just make sure though that you come in early because seats go out fast. The toilets are clean as well so no worries if you have to do #2,

The Food
For our appetizer, we had Three Little Pigs (P350), which is pork cooked three ways in sampler sizes. It had Chairman Chops, Bacon Chips and Tonkatsu Nuggets, with each sampler having its own delightful sauce. My favorite among the three was the bacon chips because come on, who doesn’t love bacon? More so if it’s cooked in a way where you can literally eat it like chips! Their Bacon chips was full of crispy awesomeness, with just the right amount of fatty goodness.

After our first dish, which actually didn’t seem like an appetizer at all, we indulged ourselves with a hefty serving of Pork Steak Salpicao (P140/P260). Had we known that it’ll give us a full stomach, we wouldn’t have ordered rice with it! They weren’t kidding with their biik/baboy serving sizes. The pork was tender and the sauce had the right consistency.

The Kapampangan in me also wouldn’t miss the chance to have a taste of their Sisig so we had The Piggery Rice (P140/P260), which is The Piggery’s signature Sisig + Rice + Egg. We had to skip on the rice because the first two dishes already filled us to the brim. The Sisig was crunchy and tasty, everything that you could ever hope for in a pork-filled dream. Not only was their concoction amazing, can you imagine Sisig topped with Chicharon bits? Well, imagine no more as this is a reality at The Piggery.

To complement the ala carte Sisig, we also had Sisig Carbonara (P140/P260)! I know, too much pork. But this is what we signed up for and I was not going to give up easily. Plus, who wouldn’t get curious with a dish that’s usually eaten with rice, but is now combined with pasta?
Up next, as if we haven’t had too much pork already, we had Nacho Sisig (P150/P280). It’s a good thing that we didn’t finish all our ala carte Sisig because we just had to top our nachos off with some more Sisig! The white corn nachos, Sisig and nacho cheese was a divine combination. And I thought Nachos could only get better with Nacho cheese--I was obviously wrong!

At this point, I was pretty sure I was ready to give up. But we were served a couple of bite-sized buns. I was curious because it looked like a fusion of American-Chinese food. And true enough, it was. For our last dish, we had Philly Bao (P120/P220). It’s like Philly Cheesesteak + Chinese Pork Buns. My first bite was heaven! The golden buns perfectly complemented the pork steak, sautéed onions and cheese sauce! Aside from the bacon chips, these cute buns are obviously on top of my list. The way they’re served is just cherry on top, I mean, Philly Bao’s on wooden steamers? I couldn’t ask for more.

With everything that we had, we couldn’t muster the strength to still have dessert. We just downed the drinks that we had prior to devouring all the porky goodness. And I think it’s worth mentioning that their drinks also come in biik and baboy sizes, in 1liter and 2 liter servings respectively. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, they’re gigantic. The Calamansi juice drink (P100/P180)  tasted fresh, and I also ended up eating the Milo powder on top of the Milo dinosaur (P120/P200).

Overall, dining at The Piggery felt like eating at a buffet with an all-pork menu. This was the food stall that really tested my limits when it comes to Pork. At the end of the day, pork is still a huge Filipino comfort food, and if I were to waste my cheat day again, doing it at The Piggery would definitely be on my list. 

The Piggery
Budget - P100 - P150/ person
4PM - 12MN | +63 9178248158
One Fifty Food Place, 150 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
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