Conquering Cebu : Carcar, Cebu

Friday, April 01, 2016

I cringe every time I check my blog and see that the latest update I've made was from almost a month ago! I've been trying draft my posts so I can schedule them strategically, but haven't found the time! I should work on my time management. I have been busy, but not to the point that I can't breathe in between tasks. I really should just learn how to use my time smartly. The boyfriend went on a Euro trip which is why I tried to spend as much time with him before he left for Amsterdam. Quality time is offline time, meaning no gadgets unless it's for work or an emergency. That's why I've been quiet in social media, except for the occasional posts on Twitter or Facebook whenever I'm at work. Anyhoo, more on that on my next post. For now, let's talk about Carcar!

Carcar was one of the stops we didn't intend to make during our Cebu trip. While in Oslob, I was reading a blog about the best Lechon places around Cebu. The blogger noted that the best Lechon he tasted was not in Cebu City but in Carcar. Not only are they proud of their Lechon, the blogger also wrote that they have the best Chicharon he's ever tasted. I told the boyfriend this, and being the ultimate Lechon and Chicharon fan that he is, he told me we should go despite originally not having it in our itinerary. 

With all the calories we've burned going around Oslob, we're pretty sure we're ready to move on to the next phase of our vacation--the food trip! We took a bus from Oslob, and it took us about 2 hours before we finally reached Carcar. Aside from the food, I've read that there are also ancestral houses that you can visit. Their church is also a must-see! Too bad we didn't have that much time to roam around. 

Carcar is located 40 kilometres south of Cebu City. It is bounded on the north by San Fernando; on the south by Sibonga; on the west by Barili and Aloguinsan; and on the east by the Cebu Strait. Carcar was known as "Sialao" since before the Spanish colonization. It became a municipality in 1599. Carcar is considered one of the oldest towns in Cebu, with its Spanish influence lasted more than 300 years ago. (via)

THE LECHON IS AMAZING! We've rounded most of the restaurants we can while in Cebu, and Carcar has the tastiest Lechon we've had. The Lechon vendors are situated at the back of the market, conveniently beside carinderia's. You can have a taste of the Lechon before you buy, which for me, is the best method to assure your customers of the quality of the product you're selling! 

You can eat your lechon at the nearby carinderia's. One thing that surprised me though is how Cebuanos prefer their lechon. My go-to sauce for Lechon is Mang Tomas. But when I was in Cebu, no Mang Tomas in sight! We were served with some drippings from the Lechon and dark vinegar with all sort of spices. I'm a routine kind of girl. And while the vinegar + Lechon didn't actually taste bad, I would still prefer Mang Tomas any time of the day. The boyfriend on the other hand enjoyed the combination thoroughly. Now, he would usually have Mang Tomas and dark vinegar with his Lechon, lol! 

After our sumptuous meal, we decided to head back to Cebu City. We spent more or less an hour taste testing all the Lechon we laid our eyes on. It wasn't much, but it was one of the unforgettable stints we had while in Cebu. When I go back, I still plan on making this stop since I know there's no other place I can get Carcar Lechon. Up next on the series will be Cebu City! It will be the last location and it will also include our itinerary for the whole trip. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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