Food Diary : Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

Monday, February 01, 2016

I love it when I get to spend weekends with the boyfriend in Tagaytay. It reminds me a lot of my favorite city--Baguio. I love waking up to cold weather, all snuggled up in my blanket while waiting for breakfast. We've been having a lot of lazy weekends just eating, sleeping and watching movies. And while I do love staying in, sometimes, it does get boring. We therefore came up with a mission. Try to do a round-up of some interesting restaurants in Tagaytay! I know it's still eating, but at least it involves a little adventure. Like, hmm, getting lost on our way there? Hehe. 

One of the restaurants that really intrigued us was Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro. Not only because we love Japanese food but because they have one fascinating item in their menu—Bulalo Ramen! Well, they call it Aozora Ramen since it’s their specialty but it’s basically a fusion of Japanese and Filipino cuisine in a bowl! So, off to Aozora we went. 

The place is breath-taking. It offers an awesome view of the Taal Volcano. Too bad during our visit, it was a little past sunset, but we were still awed with what we saw.  Before eating, we spent about 30 minutes admiring the wonderful work of nature in front of us. After which, we finally decided to go in, hehe. 

Everything we ordered was awesome. But let me give you a roundup of what we had and what I would recommend. We had Salmon Sashimi—duh! (P250), Chirashi Sushi (P290), Aozora Ramen (P320), Shoyu Ramen (P260), Rainbow Maki (P320), Wagyu Saikoro Steak (P490) and Aozora Iced Tea (P120). I noticed that the kind of Salmon used in their Sashimi and Chirashi Sushi are not the same. Not complaining though as each type of Salmon worked really well. I would highly recommend their Aozora Ramen because I’m a big fan of Bulalo. The soup was bursting with flavor and it was hot all throughout because it was served in some sort of traditional mini stove. The Saikoro Steak is also another favorite. Upon biting into the meat, I couldn’t explain the taste. It was full of flavor and umami! Their Iced Tea was also unique. If I remember correctly, it was green tea and had a hint of Pandan flavor. It’s the most refreshing tea I’ve ever had. 

Everyone was friendly. I’m particularly fond of their Manager, Jess, because he kept asking if we’re okay and kept on checking in on us every now and then. He was also telling us about the best times to visit or the best place to be seated so we get to maximize the view.  

Overall, I loved Aozora! Will I be coming back? Definitely! I haven't tried any other Japanese restaurant in the area, but I'm pretty sure this will be a household favorite. I'm salivating while trying to finish this post, ugh! I should live in Japan, right? That way I won't be dirt poor trying to satiate my Japanese food cravings all the time, LOL! Do you have a favorite Japanese restaurant? Hit me up in the comments section! I'll TRY to visit all of them, haha!

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro
Budget - P200 - P400 / person
+63 9369809656 | 9AM - 9PM
Domicillo Design Hotel, KM 58, General E. Aguinaldo Highway, Cavite, Tagaytay City
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