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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I almost forgot about this post until our visit to Tagaytay over the weekend! I've been spending most of my weekends in Tagaytay since the boyfriend's family has a really nice place there; which is also where I've been lazily spending every waking free moment of my life. We went out to have dinner at this cozy Japanese Cafe + Bistro which had a really nice view, and then it hit me. I was supposed to blog about this restaurant we found in Antipolo which also had a similarly stunning view! Turns out I was flooded with too many drafts which is why I forgot about it. Add to that the growing number of errands I've had to do lately because it's almost Christmas. So now, let me tell you about Romeo's Spice and Steak. 

A couple of months ago, the boyfriend's bestfriend went to the Philippines for a short visit. He doesn't go home often because he works in Dubai as a Flight Attendant for Air Arabia. The minute we saw him, he couldn't stop talking about how he wanted to indulge in Filipino food. We were on our way to visit Pinto Art Museum so we told him we'd look for a restaurant along the way. He initially told us he wanted to try Vieux Chalet but apparently, they're closed on Tuesdays. While traversing Sumulong Highway, we saw Romeo's Spice and Steak. We were too hungry to argue, so Romeo's Spice and Steak it is. 

The place has a stunning view of Metro Manila; smog and all, it's still nice to look at. When we visited though, the rain was pouring really hard as if we humans did something to make Tllaloc really mad. Despite the rain, we still enjoyed the place because it was windy and all out cold. Reminded me so much of Baguio. There was also fog all over the place which made me love it all the more. The waitress also made sure we were seated at a prime spot just in case the sun decides to show up.The staff was really nice. We had one dedicated waitress who got our orders. She recommended best sellers and even made sure that we weren't getting wet since we were seated really close to the viewing deck. And yes, the restaurant had some sort of viewing deck accessible while dining.

Taking after the name, we were under the impression that it was an American restaurant since it mentions spices and steaks. It's apparently a Japanese restaurant. We were a bit confused since there wasn't a lot of Japanese food on the menu. Majority of the food they offer is Filipino Food. They have a portion of the menu dedicated to different type of Steaks and they have a Sushi bar, which makes everything more confusing. We ordered Ensaladang Talong (P99), Lechon Kawali (P199), Chicharon Bulaklak (P175), Salmon Sashimi (P235) and Pinapaitang Baka. I forgot the price of the Pinapaitan but probably around the range of P180 - P250. The Sashimi was cheap considering the cuts that we got, but it wasn't fresh. For a Japanese restaurant, I would think Japanese food would be their strongest suit. The only thing I enjoyed was the Chicharon Bulaklak, ugh. I mean, who doesn't enjoy Chicharon bulaklak?? The Pinapaitang Baka was okay and perfect for the weather since by the time the food was served, the rain took a toll for the worse. Everything else was overly seasoned and too salty, even the Ensalada

I probably wouldn't go back since there are also neighboring restaurants that have the same overlooking view of Metro Manila. The price of the food was budget-friendly, but even with the price, I don't appreciate anything that's overly seasoned and salty. If by any chance I do go back, I might try their wide array of Steak choices with hopes that it's not overly seasoned since I'm quite picky with my Steak. 

I can't believe it's only two weeks before Christmas! I'm only halfway done with my Christmas shopping and traffic is really being a bitch in the past few days. I'm also overloaded with work since I'm trying to finish everything before I go on hiatus like a bear for two weeks. Ah, can't wait!

Budget - P150 - P300 / person
10:00 AM - 2:00 AM |  +63 9183286125
10 Sumulong Highway, Palos Verdes, Santa Cruz, Lower Antipolo, Rizal
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