Friday's 10 Happy Things | 5

Friday, December 18, 2015

OMG, I can't believe I'm down to my last working day for 2015! This was such a crazy but awesome year for me. Oops, I'll save all that drama for my year-end post, haha. As I write this, I'm already done with everything I need to do for the day and I'm just giving away gifts and spending time with people who will not be in our company by next year--sad. Despite the goodbyes, I decided to focus on the things that matter and the things I'm grateful for. This may just have been the most stressful week of the year, but I made it with flying colors. 

1 | Finishing all my 2015 deliverables! YASSSSS! That includes training sessions, reports, recordings, commercials and even admin tasks. UGH, I feel so accomplished finishing two weeks ahead of time. As mentioned, this week may have been stressful but it was all worth it!

2 | Completing my Christmas Shopping list! I'm done buying gifts for family and friends! It took me two full days to buy everything that I needed including gift tags and gift wrappers. I wanted to do a DIY gift tags so bad but since I'm cramming, no time to Pinterest that shit. 

3 | DIY treats for the people in my office. It's an understatement to say that I have a ton of colleagues that I'm really close to. I didn't want to single out just the ones I always hangout with which is why I decided to give everyone a small treat! I bought small mason jars and filled them up with chocolates and cookies. Tied some sparkly ribbons around the lid and put on a gift tag! Saved me a lot of money!

4 | Getting gifts for Christmas! Officemates have started dropping by gifts over at my workstation. Some have gone on leave as early as Monday and won't be returning until January. I always get a surprise something in the morning. Doesn't matter if it's big or small, it's the thought that counts. Thanks, y'all! 

5 | The boss got me this! Now, do I have the best boss or what? I wasn't really expecting something this pricey because I know he's also giving a ton of gifts to other people, but I appreciate the fact that he made sure I got something I really want! 

6 | Having an almost perfect scorecard! As the year comes to an end, it's also a time to reflect and think about everything productive you did at work. My boss and I were discussing my scorecard the other day and I know I do my job well on a daily basis, but I didn't expect I'd be getting an above average score for the year! Weeee!

7 | I bought a dress for our Christmas party! It's difficult for me to invest in cocktail dresses because it's not something I can wear in the office, so I have to justify which other events can I wear this dress to? Instead of the sparkly ones that I usually go for, I went with a simple white dress. These cocktail dresses can range from 3K to 8K so I made sure I bought one that can really last me a long time. Will post photos on Saturday! Follow me on Instagram!

8 | Catching up with friends from my old company. I have this awesome bunch of trusted friends from my previous company. Even if we only see each other once per quarter, it always feels as if we last saw each other yesterday! No dead air, no awkward moments. And I know that If I ever get married in the future, these will be the people I want standing by my side. CHEESEBALLS. They'll kill me for posting something like this, lol. 

9 | Going to Paskuhan with the boyfriend today! He wants me to see how Christmas is like in their school. Uhm, not like it's any better than our Lantern Parade with a side of Oblation run, LOLJK! We're also trying some of his favorite stalls around UST. Can't wait!

10 | GOING ON HOLIDAY FOR TWO WEEKS! I cannot emphasize enough how excited I am to go on holiday mode. My laptop has been slowing down for the past few days and seems like it went on vacation ahead of time, lol! Today is dedicated for giving away gifts and having breakfast, lunch and dinner with my squad from the office! UGH, I CAN ALREADY FEEL CHRISTMAS!

With the way things are going on the road, surge pricing and rush hour rates from Uber and Grab are horrendous. I paid P200+ the other day for a 15-minute ride home because the demand was overwhelming according to my Uber driver. I cringe everytime I see how much I have to pay just to safely get home. I'm scared to ride random taxi cabs because there was a recent viral post on FB about a girl being held up in our area--inside a cab. I don't want to tolerate the unreasonable rates since what we really need is an effective public transportation system and not more cars on the road. But, if it's the only way for me to get home safe, I'm afraid this system doesn't leave me with any other choice, sigh. But I'm really glad it will all be over and I don't have to put up with these rates any longer! Can't wait to go home to the province and live a simple life even for only two weeks, haha. Hope you guys are ending the year strong!

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