5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Monday, November 30, 2015

With only a few days coming in before Christmas, we all know how hectic the following weeks would be! I've been planning since September how I would go about organizing my holidays, but somehow, I couldn't get it right down to pat. Well, at least this year. At this point, I should've bought all my holiday gifts but I'm not even close to completing my list! My last resort would be to just buy everything online. The traffic is horrendous and I'm scared to go out only to be stranded because no taxi cabs/Uber would take me due to the holiday rush. 

We all have Christmas get-together's, year-end parties and holiday celebrations to attend. Not to mention work, time with family and loved ones and everything in between to squeeze during the holidays. With all that happening at the same time, you wouldn't want to be caught sick, only to miss out on these celebrations. I was in the hospital last year and it felt terrible knowing that I've been practicing so much for our department presentation, only to end up in the hospital because my body couldn't take all the stress, fatigue and everything else that was going on aka my breakup, LOL. With that, I want to share some tips you guys might find helpful so you can boos your immune system during the holidays!

Have at least 8 hours of sleep. 
I don't know the exact number of hours sleep an adult should have but based on experience, 8 is my magic number. Sleep would be your foundation in making sure you function properly the next day. I also find it unhealthy if one oversleeps as I would get nasty headaches and be more slouchy the whole day if I sleep for more than 12 hours.

Don't skip meals. 
Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. I remember mentioning in my previous post that I collapsed during one of my classes a few weeks ago. When I went to the doctor, I was told it was over fatigue. I was extremely nervous thinking it was something serious because I literally blacked out and couldn't remember anything. While thinking about everything that happened that day, I realized I only took about 3 bites from my lunch and I didn't have anything for dinner. Explains a whole lot. So remember, never skip a meal!

Eat healthy. 
Well, the holidays isn't really the best time to go on a diet. But let's face it, the older we get, the slower our metabolism goes. Wait, or is that just me? Regardless, try to eat healthy. Not because you're on a diet but because you want to take care of your body. I had to realize this the hard way when I couldn't eat anything solid or tasty during my stay at the hospital. Eating healthy doesn't always have to be all greens. You can be creative as you want to be so long as you use the ingredients that's right for you. Also, go slow. Eating healthy isn't a process that happens overnight. Don't be too hard on yourself.

I know at this point you might be telling yourself, "Ugh, this is a dumb list." Yes, we read about these things all the time but do we actually do them? NO. We've been told to eat healthy, get as much sleep and exercise, but as adults, we have so much going on and our priorities actually change. It takes a whole lot of effort to re-prioritize and shift your perspective. You don't have to do a whole 3-hour boxing session to catch up. As mentioned, go slow. You can start with daily 15-minute exercises, then progress to longer exercises soon as your body gets to adjust. Work with exercises that doesn't bore you or that fits your body type. Customize it and make it as fun as you want it to!

Take your vitamins. 
Most of the time, we think everything we're doing is enough--but really, it isn't. Getting help isn't always a bad thing. That's what your vitamins are for! Helping out your immune system is not a bad thing. Which is exactly what Fern-C does. Fern-C is a sodium ascorbate that helps boost our immune system. It's also a potent anti-oxidant that increases body resistance against infectious diseases. In short, it's your daily dose of Vitamin C. You might say that you actually get Vit C with the food that you eat everyday, but how sure are you? Being extra cautious won't harm you. In contrast with ascorbic acid, which is also another type of Vitamin C, sodium ascorbate also helps in fighting/preventing cancer, helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases and prevents possible cataract. Sodium ascorbate is also non-acidic (perfect for me since I have GERD), and is more soluble than ascorbic acid. It is more reactive compared to ascorbic acid in building connective tissues and anti-body structures which make it more effective in killing viruses and bacteria.

Another difference of sodium ascorbate from ascorbic acid is that it is absorbed easier by the body since it provides a more bio-available source of Vitamin C as opposed to ascorbic acid.  Sodium ascorbate contains about 111 mg of sodium and 889 mg of ascorbic acid.  The addition of sodium buffers the acid content of Vitamin C which results to a lowered acidity.

That being said, we always hear that 'Health is Wealth' but always do otherwise. I'm no saint when it comes to this since I'm a heavy drinker and I smoke too. Which is why I'm trying to improve the quality of my life by adhering to this list not just during the holidays, but on the daily. I'm currently doubling my vitamin dosage due to the extra work I have to do before I go on vacation, add to that the numerous events that are simultaneously happening before everyone else also take their holidays. I didn't have this kind of perspective before I was hospitalized. I would abuse my body until it finally gave up. Don't let that happen to you. Don't wait for a moment of realization before you finally decided to make a change. I was lucky the damage to my body last year wasn't excessive, I am lucky. Not everyone is. Make sure you take care of your body before it's too late.

You can follow Fern-C on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know more! Have a change of lifestyle and make the shift before it's too late. I know I sound preachy but trust me on this one. No one likes getting sick not just during the holidays, but all the time, right?? More so during the holidays when everyone is having fun! Have a stress-free holiday with Fern-C! #FernCSubokNa  #StressFreeChristmas #HealthyHoliday

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