Friday's 10 Happy Things | 3

Friday, October 16, 2015

I was thinking of putting of this week's Friday's 10 Happy Things until I remembered one of my resolutions for this year, which is to be consistent with everything I do. May it be a task at work, a fitness program or simply following my blog series schedule. Obviously I didn't commit to the fitness program part (lol) because getting up in the morning will always be a struggle for me. Well, unless you have pancakes drizzled in chocolate syrup topped with fresh Strawberries and powdered sugar waiting for me! Let's begin!

  1. A lot of people showing their support with my nomination at the Philippine Blogging Awards! I know I'm not much of a blogger, but thank you! My friend even described my blog as awesome and the one riddled with little 'LOLs'. I was almost tempted to add another one right there, hehe. 
  2. A little retail therapy. I allowed myself to purchase a few things that I don't really need, read : clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Work was extremely tedious last week.
  3. Pamper time for my nails! I also went to the Nail Salon to get my nails done. I usually do them on my own since I know how to. But I felt that I deserved a reward after all the things I've accomplished last week. 
  4. Finally got a massage! This is also one of the things I've been putting off since I'm saving up for something. But, my back has been absorbing all the stress from work that I just had to. 
  5. 100% passing rate for my class. I had a new batch of Engineers last week and I'm ecstatic to tell you that again, all of them passed their assessments with flying colors. Now, am I good or what? Kidding, hehe. 
  6. Grateful students. Speaking of students, one of my Engineers messaged me after class telling me he had an artwork for me as a sign of appreciation. Sweetest message I got all week. This guy's pretty talented too. Look!
  7. Monday well spent with this guy. I had a pretty crappy weekend and he made sure we spend some quality time to erase any remnant of my awful weekend. Such a sweetheart this guy. <3 li="">
  8. Finally watched Heneral Luna! I love it! Not because of the story because honestly, I couldn't tell which parts were fact and fiction. I love how it was presented in a way that mirrors the kind of government that have right now. I loved it mostly because of all the gory parts. I hope it raises the bar for the upcoming MMFF films. 
  9. Lovely dinner with my German colleague. One of my co-workers from Germany stayed here in the Philippines for about 3 weeks. We had a send-off dinner for him last night as a thank you for all the valuable insights he shared when we were developing our German Culture module. Also made him eat Chicharon Bulaklak without telling him what it's made of, hehe. 
  10. Thinking of putting up a business. I don't usually share things like this online but things have a way of happening once I post it on my blog, so I'm posting for good luck! It's just a small enterprise but the idea of having a passive income while working excites me!

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