Bloggys 2015 : Philippine Blogging Awards

Thursday, October 01, 2015

I'm skipping my weekly Friday's 10 Happy Things to share a short story of a few things I'm really thankful for for the month of September. Here goes! I was planning what I'll be doing over the long weekend of the APEC summit when all of a sudden, I got an e-mail from an unknown person. I would usually dismiss e-mails like that as spam because I get a ton of those useless I'm a millionaire I'll give you some inheritance stuff, but I decided to read it anyway.  I was surprised shocked because it was a nomination e-mail stating that my blog has been nominated by several netizens in #Bloggys2015 for the Philippine Blogging Awards!

If there's anything I did differently this year, I started to focus more on putting articles that will be of help to my readers. I used to post rants and really personal stuff *cringe* in here, but I realized after a loooong time that people probably wouldn't be interested with all the drama my life has to offer, lol. I also started cooking more and posting consistently! Being nominated alongside popular bloggers is such an honor already! I thought that was it, I was happy and ready to accept my loss even before the voting session begins, ha! Your main pessimist, that's me! But then I received another e-mail! I was told that I'm also invited to the Philippine Blogging Awards Gala Night! *insert silent scream*

I got the e-mail while I was in the office which explains the silent scream, hehe. Can you imagine? A red carpet for influential bloggers and I'm actually invited, people! I also get to bring a date! Ugh, so much enthusiasm and eagerness! I think this is the part where I tell you guys, I'm bringing my boyfriend.  Yes, I have a new boyfriend, haha! More about that on my next post!

For now, I'm just really thrilled with how September ended for me. It started out crappy due to some financial miscalculations I did aka buying clothes, shoes and gadgets I don't really need, but overall it still turned out quite well. I went over to the site to find out what it's all about and also to nominate my favorite blogs! If you want to know more about Bloggys, you can go here. If you want to nominate your favorite blogs on the other hand, you can go here

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