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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Most of the time. I get a bad case of the envies while endlessly scrolling on Facebook or Instagram seemingly looking for something to complete my day. I see a lot of my friends working their way in the corporate ladder while managing to start their own families at the same time. While I'm just here, still trying to figure out what to do in the next 5 minutes. I see them buying houses, cars and diapers to name a few! I mean, when did we become such adults for us to be buying diapers??? Really?! My heart sort of sinks a little while questioning my goals in life, as if I haven't been working enough to actually enjoy all the nice things in life. 

But then again I remember an advice that a wise friend told me some years ago. Everything you see in social media is filtered. Not just the photos, but more importantly, the content. If that friend you're envious with had a fight with his/her partner, would they post it in social media? I don't think so. Most of the things we see either on Facebook or Instagram are most likely the happy parts of one's life. Because, who would want to visit a feed that full of negativity? Uhm, no one. It's not rocket science, really. But sometimes, it gets to me.  Which is why I've been trying to social media nowadays. Lately I've been a frequent visitor of TedX (for my classes), EDx (for free learning), Zalora (for shopping! Hihi) and #Property24. I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with the first 3 sites that I've mentioned, so let's talk more about Property24. 

Ever since I was a kid, it has been my dream to have my own house--just like Barbie, lol. Growing up, I thought I only had to work and things will eventually fall into place. But boy was I wrong. Being an adult (naks!), I've now come to realize that it takes more than hard work to be able to buy your own property. It takes commitment, dedication and the right amount of research too. A good reason why I've been frequenting #Propery24PH. The site is a platform that offers and extensive list of real estate properties complete with various financing options (very important!) you can choose from. I know I cannot afford any of the properties on my list yet, but it keeps me inspired. Let's see them!
I was born and raised in Pampanga. Once I've saved enough money, the first house that I'll buy will be a house for my parents. Not because it's my job as the eldest daughter but because I want to give back. Repay them for all the hard work they've done so I can go to school and life a comfortable life. It's the #PerfectHome for them because it has a spacious backyard for my Mom and a huge garage for my Dad. 
At this point, I'm still thinking if a condo unit is a wise investment. But I think it's practical to find a home close to where you work. With the horrendous traffic worsening everyday in Metro Manila, your daily commute should be the least of your worries. Just imagine how much time is wasted on horrible traffic everyday! Which is why my next selection is a condo unit in Ortigas. It's not small, it's not that big either. Just enough for all my weird stuff, lol.
While we're at it, who wouldn't want to have a house near the beach? It's not by the beach because I I'd prefer a lot that can be a feasible area for sustainable livelihood. I can probably take care of farm animals and build some sort of shelter for them. When they're old enough, I can sell them and that would sustain my awesome Island life, hehe. 
Up next is another condo unit in Quezon City. It's spacious and it will have a lot of room for visitors. Most of the friends I made while working here in the Metro come from QC. Every once in a while, I would want to surprise them with sumptuous dinner and maybe share stories over wine and cheese. 
Last but not the least would be a big, cozy house in Baguio City. I've mentioned several times in this blog how and why it's my favorite city. That may change in the future, of course. But even if it does, I would still want to have a place I can go to whenever I feel lost and I don't want to be found. And, who wouldn't want to wake up in a cold, foggy morning while you're wrapped in your blanket?? Ugh, best feeling ever! And that, my friends, is the reason why I would still want a house in Baguio City.

Looking at my frequently visited sites, I realized that in a way, I really have matured. I used to stay up late stalking people on Facebook and Instagram; Getting envious of their lifestyle and material possessions, but not anymore. Property24 may just be a site to some, but it's a reminder of reality for me. Looking at the prices, payment options, financing terms and what not sort of makes me feel that I have to  think about these responsibilities because I'm not growing any younger. And at my age, I would definitely love to snag one of these listings in the near future. It feels good to daydream, lol. Now, tell me, what would your dream house look like?

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