Balite Falls : A Natural Wonder In Amadeo, Cavite

Monday, September 28, 2015

We've had an abundance of long weekends in the past month and I couldn't be more satisfied. Work has been pretty toxic lately (not complaining though!), but I've recharged myself with enough sleep and travel (yay!) enough to last me until November. I've spent both of my long weekends in Tagaytay which is why I've been searching for a taste of the water near the place. Surprisingly, we found a hidden gem in the name of Balite Falls, located in Amadeo Cavite. The name of the resort was Balite Falls Resort, not a lot of creativity there. 

With another long weekend coming right up, this would be a perfect destination if you haven't planned anything yet. Or if you simply want a quick getaway from the Metro!

How to get there

If you have your own vehicle : From Manila, go to Cavitex and drive all the way to Centennial Highway until you reach Tejeros. Turn right and drive straight until you reach Gov. Ferrer Avenue of General Trias to which you need to turn right. Drive straight and you will pass by Manggahan intersection and Gateway Industrial Park. From there, you would need to drive about 6 more kilometers until you see a sign that says Balite Falls where you would have to turn right. 

If you're taking public transpo : From Manila, go to Southwest IPTS Terminal located at Coastal Mall in Paranaque. Ride a bus going to Indang or Trece Martires. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Manggahan intersection and ride a jeepney going to Amadeo. You can ask the jeepney driver to drop you off Balite Road, and you'd have to walk from there. 

The Place

My expectations were quite high even before we reached the placed. I've researched the place prior to going and I was thrilled to see clear, blue waters. When we got there, the soil was muddy and the water was, well, mossy brown. The god of all unlucky struck us that day because apparently, it wasn't a good time to visit the falls due to the rain that transpired prior to our visit. We didn't want to waste the trip so we stayed anyway. 

There's a small guard house before you enter the resort. Entrance fee is at P75/head, a bit pricey in my opinion since the place wasn't that well-maintained. Cottage rates range from P300 - P1500, depending on the location. The closer you are to the falls, the more expensive it gets. The number of people staying in the cottage also affects the rate. But the good thing is you can haggle with the caretaker, hehe. 

The Experience

I wasn't so enthusiastic in swimming after seeing how the water looked like. I know it's an uncontrollable factor which is why I'm not taking it against the resort. It's Mother Nature's way of reminding us that she's still in control, bitches. But I did enjoy going back to basics and being one with nature since we cooked our food using the traditional method of grilling. It's not as fast compared to when done with an electric grill but the taste of the food was awesome. We also had more than enough space to dance and prance around while cooking and pretending to be survivors for a short period of time, lol. I was a bit hesitant to eat a lot though because their toilet wasn't well-maintained. Given the amount of entrance fees and cottage fees they collect, they might want to put in more budget in cleaning and maintaining the place. 

Overall, the experience wasn't that bad. I'm thinking of going back when the rainy season is finally over because the caretaker mentioned that it's best to visit during the summer when the waters are clear and blue. I'm highly recommending an overhaul for the place because it lacks maintenance. It has an awesome landscape but I feel that the people in charge of taking care of the place sort of disregard the cleanliness and orderliness of the place. I hope they improve in that aspect. Have you been to Balite Falls? What was your experience like?

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