I Got Stripes

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I've talked about change on this blog more than I can imagine. I like talking about stuff I'm not very comfortable with, it takes away the nerves and all the irrelevant shit that comes with facing one's fears. In line with welcoming the new month, I also plan to implement minor changes in my life. Baby steps! For one, I vow (naks!) to update this blog's content as often as I can! I have a ton of backlogged entries on my recent travels, recipes and whatnots that I haven't gotten into yet. Starting next month, no procrastinating! That goes for work, too. I've already started several projects to give me a good head start for the year, and they're doing great, if I do say so myself. I just hope I get to sustain this level of positive energy, as I'm not a very optimistic person, all throughout the year. 

Since I was hospitalized last year, I also had to make drastic changes on my diet and my sleeping habits. Can you believe I'm a morning person now? I've been eating three times a day and I also make sure that I drink lots of water, ack! I hate water because it's boring. But what can I do, I'm supposed to take in 8 glasses a day, huhu. I also want to take more photos of myself so if I ever become ugly one day because of all the smoking and binge drinking, I get to look at old photos and show them to friends as proof that I was once pretty, lol. PS, I'm going easy on the ciggies, too. The drinking? Maybe next year. 
And before you criticize me regarding my outfit, don't. I'm not posting this as a fashion entry because it is in no way fashionable, hahaha. This is simply an online self-portrait diary, so I guess it's more appropriate to say that it's a vanity entry, lol. This is also the last photo of my leg before I had my tattoo, too much feels! Aother change I had to go through recently would be my hair! It doesn't look anything like that anymore. I had to look at the photos several times before hitting publish because I miss my hair so much, huhu. I'll probably tell you what happened on my next post, but for now, my hair is a freakin' disaster so let's leave it at that. 

Hope you're all having an awesome Tuesday!

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