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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Work has been pretty possessive lately, my apologies for the lack of content in my little online space. I have a lot of photos queued but I haven't really found the time to make a story out of them, and yes, recipes included. I decided to create a new category on my blog, which will contain bits and pieces of Instagram photos, just so I get to update this blog's content as often as I can. I have to admit, I use my phone more than my camera for photos. It's also easier to edit and transfer photos from my phone than my camera, too. Ultimately, the point is, I want to post more about the things that are happening to me. I like reading my own blog, and it's extremely therapeutic going down memory lane whenever I read a post. Hopefully, my mobile photos aren't too bad. Moving on...

I just got back from an extended vacation in Palawan! I want to post all of my photos but I haven't edited/collated them yet. I'll share them with you soon as I can. For now, I'll show you some of the snapshots I took with my phone during the trip. Can I just say I have a wonderful boss with such a kind heart? I've been with the company for over a month, which is still a part of my probationary period, but I was allowed to go on vacation leave for 6 days! Am I lucky or what?? I haven't felt more secure and happy with my job until now. I may not have as much friends as I did back in my old company, but I believe I'm gradually getting acquainted with the relevant people in my new one.

1. One of the gazillion selfies I took in El Nido. My face was overwhelmingly glowing during my stay there and I couldn't help but take a ton of self-portraits.
2. The HIdden Lagoon. One of the few amazing places we went to. Going inside was a struggle for there was a small opening you had to fit into. The waves don't help at all. Glad our guide was kind enough to assist me all the way. 
3. Beach front view during our stay at Rosanna's hotel. El Nido can be enjoyed on a budget but we decided to splurge a little to have this view while sipping coffee in the morning. 
4. Snorkeling. We did a lot of underwater activities during our stay, and it's such a shame we didn't have an underwater camera to capture all the fun moments. This is the closest shot I can get, the clear water and a school of fish trying to feed on our banana. 
5. Buffet lunch. For around a thousand bucks, the tour that we got included buffet lunch and it was divine! Shrimp, squid, grilled chicken & pork, fish and a variety of fruits--yummmm!
6. Trinkets. After El Nido, we decided to lounge around Puerto Princesa. There were a lot of souvenir shops selling gorgeous trinkets and accessories for less than half the price! Rings like this would cost about P200 in the Metro so I got me handful, lol. Tips about buying souvenirs on my next post!
7. Big Lagoon. This photo was taken on our way out of the Big Lagoon. It was located beside the Small Lagoon which was also a wonderful place. 
8. Hidden Beach. Our second day wasn't so good. It was a bit windy and there were times of the day wherein it rained but that didn't stop us from experiencing the majestic Hidden beach. So, here another selfie at the beach. Yay, hahaha!
Going back to work wasn't as toxic as I expected. I only had to come in for 2 days because of the typhoon. Hopefully, everyone is safe. Our condo wasn't flooded but the neighboring places weren't as lucky. This bring me back to the point of hating the way our government is being ran. We've had several typhoons in the past and it's a given that they come back every fvcking year. Why the hell then can they not devise a plan to better the infrastructure of our roads? Sigh. I'm taking a chill pill, I don't want to plague my blog with ugly thoughts. Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!
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  1. I've been waiting since last year for your whole set since you haven't accepted my request on Facebook. Lol