No Alarms and No Surprises

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm filled with excitement and ecstasy (no, not the drug!) because good things have started pouring in at the start of my year. I just hope it keeps on going until the end of the year because 2012 was definitely not my year. My 2012 ended with lots of parties, fun, food and love from my friends, family and of course, the boyfriend. He actually spent New Year at home which is a first not just for me but for everyone at home.

My family is ridiculously conservative and having someone (who's not related by blood) come over for such a special occasion never ever happens until I brought lovey home. Yay for the courage! My Mom was mad at first because she wasn't sure how my Grammy will react but everything was all good! That's the first surprise I guess. I'll be posting photos soon but for now, let's talk about the office party!

You're right, those 'awards' are my second surprise! Yes, those two awards I got off of what we call "Fun Awards". I bagged the Princess Charming and the Amazing Duo award together with my friend Tutchi. I was also talking to her about my worries because I asked for specific gifts from my secret Santa and turns out she was my secret Santa and she got everything on the dot! Surprise brought about by yours truly.

For the office party, since we had a cap of P300, I asked for foot products. Shoe spray, toe separator and socks for when I'm wearing flats. I feel naked when I don't wear socks.

I did not just get a toe separator, I got a whole Kikay kit for my toes! How awesome. I was so happy with this gift from my not-so-secret-santa. I know I could've bought all these things with my own money but it still feels different when it comes from someone who got everything you wanted right on the dot. Oh, the little things.

I just can't get over the whole package for my toes! Soooo adorable! I opened my present before the party even started that's why I started with this post. I'll tell you all about the party next time!

What presents did you get from your secret Santa? I hope you had fun as much as I did. Happy Sunday!

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