These Boots Are Made For Walking

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ola! How's the holiday treating you so far? I'm off work until Monday and all I've been doing is sleep, eat, blog and check online stores! I know, I know. It's not the time to spend because I don't have any money to spend! Plus, I'm moving out next week so I need the extra cash, y'know.

Nowadays, I satisfy myself by looking at photos and imagining myself wearing them or forcing these items to fit me through Photoshop. Lol. And yes, it has gotten to that extent. Hahaha It can feel pretty dehumanizing to be sharing that but I promised myself that I'd be wiser with my finances next year thus the frugal spending. I also plan to help my parents, we're having a new house built next yr yay! I also want to help send my sister to school, she's going to Medical School and it can get quite pricey so I really have to limit my spending!

I'll show you some of the things I've been lusting. In time, I just might have the budget for them!

Most of the time, I check Amazon for stuff because I'm forced to not buy the item because I have to think of
the shipping, import fees, etc. and I wouldn't want to pay for that since it's going to be International shipping and that's out of my budget! Don't they all look pretty? I want the Mary Janes with the red bow for the New Year, it matches my New Year dress! Sucks I can't have it now. Sigh. In time, these sparklies will be mine!!!

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