Food Diary : Milk Tea Crazy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't know what's gotten into me and the boyf, but we've been craving Milk Tea since I don't know when. It's not the fad or anything, I guess we got tired of coffee or Starbucks in particular. Since the lover resigned from his previous job, we would often drown ourselves in coffee and lewd conversations to kill time. After a while, we started looking for something different and with the rampant growth of Milk Tea outlets, we just had to try them out. 

1. Green Tea and Taro Milk Tea.
2. Wintermelon Milk Tea from Joe Monkey
3. Wintermelon Milk Tea from Bumble Tea-
1. Bubble Tea - This place is walking-distance from our house so it's the first one we tried. The place looks cute, it's a Japanese Tea House which also serves appetizers and main courses. The tea in their Milk Tea tastes strong, something I don't like. Earlier this year, I really tried hard to love tea but it loathes me. I never tried to like it again, unless it has Milk.

2. Joe Monkey - tastes like a generic Milk Tea should taste. It's difficult to know which is which if you're in a sea full of Milk tea and you'll be asked to pick Joe Monkey out. What they lack in taste, they try to make up with the design of their place. It's nice to hangout at their spot in Tomas Morato though they don't have a lot of space for smokers. I guess I find it cute because it sports a minimalist design and it has the color pink. Lol.

3. Bubble Tea - Bubble Tea is the only tea I can easily have access to in the office. And I only get it on Thursday and Friday because Mezza Norte is in the house, yo! The only thing I like about it is that you can have the sweetness adjusted to your taste. Also, it's a very good tea if you were to compare it to Red Kimono's tea set, they suck.

BUUUUUT, of all the Milk Tea's I've tasted, only one struck me the most. Only one got my heart and only one leaves me craving for 3 days. Ohhh gahd, I'm craving again. Guise, guise. I present to you, GongCha!

Why do I like it? Because it's soooo creamy! I'd order it with extra cream any day! It can also be a good diet supplement because I get full easily. Lol. Since it's my favorite, there's no other way I can describe it if not say that it's quite heaven in this piece of hell called work. Loljk.

I'm not a Milk Tea connoisseur or anything, I'm just a normal person with annoyingly abnormal taste buds so don't trust me on this. I suggest you go ahead and try all of them so you can slap me in the face if I lied. Or not because I'd slap and kick and fucking kill you. Lol, of course I'm kidding!

What's your favorite Milk Tea? :)


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