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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I've spent 2 entire weeks of my life living on buses. I say so because again, I've been moved from one site to anooooooother. I know for a fact that being a trainer requires you to be assigned to different places, but to defend myself, I've only been with my current account for 2 mos and they're moving me again. How can I establish myself then? *sigh*

I can't do anything about it so I'd have to deal with a one hour travel time from T. Morato (where I live) to Makati. Also, I find the cost of working in Makati more pricey than when I was in UPA. Well for a fact, the fare would be one of the culprits, the food as well and everything! I hate Makati. Can you give me at least 3 reasons why I shouldn't loathe the place?
Playing with Camera Tan in the office.
I didn't go to work on Monday and Tuesday because of the storm, it's business as usual in the far, far away land of Makati but I had to skip work because of the extreme winds and rain.

Weather was fairly okay the day after
more snaps of my face
7-11's froyo
I tried 7-11's Froyo, for P35 it was okay. Not that tangy nor creamy but for P35 I wouldn't complain. It still has that sour taste that you get in a regular yogurt but overall I think it lacks flavour.

As I was leaving for Manila, I thought we're gonna have a better weekend but then Quiel came along. It was a pretty wet weekend for me. I hope the succeeding weeks get better for I will have a trip to Bolinao next week! But for now back to Makati until someone volunteers to move in here, I'm stuck. Oh darn.

And, that's a wrap! See you around!


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  1. Hey Ochi, just curious, what company do you work for and what do you train people for? :)

    I don't like Makati that much either so I don't really know what to say.

  2. Ate Jan! I work for IBM, we train people who get escalated because they have some sort of comm skills problem/issues. We also conduct classes, pagpasok mo kasi sa BPO Voice and Accent training is the first thing that you have to undergo.