One Last Call For Alcohol

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I was pretty ecstatic some weeks ago for we were informed that we're moving into a bigger and better office come July which would be Hanston Square in Ortigas! Of course I was all prepped up, I constantly texted people who worked around the area that I may be seeing them more often once we move.

A week before June ended, a striking news blew me up. I was to be transferred to UP-A Technohub again. Well, I know for a fact that a part of our job description requires us to get moved from one site to another, and I should have been aware of that, but then again I got too attached.

Knowing that the decision is final, I tried to accept everything with an open mind, and yeah, hopefully good things will happen! :)

What better way to say goodbye!
Ayel was trying to make sense of the sauce.
Free bunch of lunch from Boss Amit!
I miss them already!
On my last day, I went out with some friends to drink and celebrate at least the fact that I was able to contribute something before I go. Indeed, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

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