DiskAid is Awesome, but--

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can I just say I know that I'm not the only person who feels like a total idiot when it comes to Apple products. I know when you get used to it, it's pretty much easy to navigate, sync your files and purchase apps from the app store. But my dilemma is having to transfer apps and whatnots without the help of iTunes.

You might be wondering why. Well, the thing is, I bought my phone pre-loved from the innernetz. It came with a lot of useful apps and games, so upon acquiring it, never did I think of wiping the things in it including the apps. The problem occurred to me when I wanted to dload some free apps from the app store. I went in and the previous owner was the one who's still logged in. Thinking that I can just get away with it by changing the info from the app store to my own account, yes it did allow me to do so but it will not take effect until you sync it with an itunes where the same account is logged in. Okay fine, did that and turns out if I sync it, everything will be lost because according to the all knowing app store, my phone can only be synced to one iTunes at a time. FUQDATSHIT!

Imagine my dismay when I read that small popup. I had to look for was, ninja ways to be specific on how I can transfer files to my phone. It's either I totally erase everything and start with a new phone all over, or go ninja with the help of Cydia, Installous and the awesome Diskaid.

Well Cydia and Installous are pretty self-explanatory, you can dload paid apps from them. But diskaid is what I needed to transfer stuff that I have dloaded from the app store to installous so I can just install them upon transfer. Another way of doing that is thorugh SSH, which is a more complicated procedure so I decided to stick with diskaid because I'm lazy like that and all you need to do is drag and drop things.

It's this easy to transfer a .ipa file.
Diskaid is very user-friendly and efficient as well, the downside though is that I'm only using a trial version and I'd have to pay for it in the future if I want to continue using the software. Another thing is that sometimes when I install the apps I dloaded from the app store, they close abruptly and the app will start working after a month or so upon installation.

So I'm wondering, is anybody here having the same problem? Or please give me any advise if I should just wipe everything out and start over with my phone. :(

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