Dream of me, too

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two nights ago, I had a very bad dream. Well, its not a dream. It was a nightmare. The dream was more of an everyday life medley, it involved people from different places who began acting weird and weirder that they all knew each other.

To cut the nightmare short, cause I really don't want to talk about it, my hubby was cheating on me with my co-worker. This co-worker of mine is a very quiet one and very shy as well. In my dream, this co-worker was my housemate and I was so shocked as I entered "OUR" room and saw my hubby on the process of putting on his clothes. He was from her bed and not from my bed! I was crying during my dream, he embraced me from my back and told me he was sorry. But as co-worker entered the room, he eagerly left my side and went on to co-worker's bed and they slept together while I was sobbing on my bed, ALONE!

OMG. When I woke up, I was totally sobbing. I was in total distress, I thought everything was real. I had a mild heart attack for I was so stressed with the dream. The thought of it alone makes my heartbeats jump out even if I have my clothes on.

There are dreams that you continue yourself, with your mind fully working after you have awaken out of it. And there are some which inexpicably, that you don't want to even remember. That dream, unfortunately was one of those.

I felt so hurt during my dream, I began acting suspicious of bunny. I didn't want to be the first one to text him during that day. I was waiting for his text, the more I waited, the more paranoid I become.

I hope you realize how much I love you, how much power and spell you have got on me. That still, even in my dreams, you have the power to hurt me.

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