Don't Need Candles Or Cake

Monday, December 09, 2013

This blog post is way overdue. I've had the photos on queue for about 4 mos but only got around to doing the content today LOL! The boyfriend and I celebrated our 6th anniversary yesterday. We were supposed to go out for an expensive dinner + spa but we got lazy because of the rain, plus the expensive part didn't sound too appealing since we're trying to save up. We both decided a staycation would be best, I cooked and we both enjoyed being lazy the whole day. Yay Criminal Minds + SVU marathon!

Anyhoo, let's go back to 4 months ago. These photos were taken during bibi's birthday! We decided to celebrate by indulging ourselves in glorious food. A friend told me about Vikings' birthday promo so we thought, why not try it out? And try it out we did. 

Vikings gave bibi a complimentary cake, it was good! I bet it would've tasted better if we had more space in our tummies! I've been to several buffets, and I can say Vikings pretty much live up to its name. The stations were filled up immediately, the grilling station delivered our food in a timely manner too--the only thing left for you to do is to devour the food like the ultimate Viking that you are. I was a bit disappointed with the Shrimp Tempura though, I was waiting for the refill and kept coming back but they didn't refill until it was time for us to go. I was thinking it may be because Shrimp can be quite expensive, but they were able to refill the Hakaw, so why not the Tempura?? I moved on to a different station to get rid of the disappointment, I was happy with their dessert station! They had several cakes, fruits and dips, ice cream and even frozen yogurt. I forgot about the Tempura disappointment because the froyo was good!

Vikings' birthday promo was the cherry on top. Instead of paying for 2 people, we just paid for one! At P688, I can say everything was all worth the hard-earned sweat and blood money LOL. You can also avail of the same promo as long as you do so on the day of your birthday. Make sure that you also have another full paying adult with you! It's a bit sad anyway to be dining alone on your birthday, a company wouldn't hurt!

Aside from the dessert station, I also loved the Sushi bar! Unlimited Maki, Sushi and of course my favorite, Salmon! For drinks they had chocolate drinks, fruit juices, coffee and iced tea. I can't remember if they had soda, but I'm thinking that won't be a problem since you're going to be too busy stuffing your face with food, food and more food. I've been trying to quit smoking, but after that luncheon, couldn't help but to light one!

Kids, smoking is bad for you--but Vikings isn't! The branch that we tried was in SM North, the place was vast and elegant, the queue wasn't that long as well. I haven't tried other branches but I was pretty satisfied with this one, I don't think I'll be going to any other branch anytime soon.

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