Food Diary : Fire Noodle Challenge!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hey, everyone. I'd like to apologize for the lack of travel posts lately. The boyfriend and I have been on a saving spree and we don't really have the time nor budget to go even on a quick vacation. For this year, expect a ton of food and personal posts on this blog because that's all we'll be doing for the year. I still have a few travel posts from last year that I've yet to post. Thankfully, that'll break the monotony of all the food reviews, recipes and adventures I've been posting, hehe.

On today's video, the boyfriend and I decided to try the Fire Noodle Challenge! I've been seeing this challenge a lot on Youtube; and being a fan of spicy food myself, I dared the boyfriend to try it with me! According to this website, the pack we ate in this video ranks 3rd on the list of spiciest noodles! The noodle pack we bought didn't really have any translations on it, but based on the videos I've watched, it's called Samyang Spicy Hot Fried Chicken; that's supposed to be the flavor. In fairness to the noodles, it did taste good. Buuuuuut, was the level of spiciness tolerable? Watch the video and find out who wins in the end! If you want to see more videos, make sure you're also subscribed to my channel!🙂


Have you tried the Fire Noodle challenge?

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