Kitchen Chronicles : Spicy Sardines Pasta

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Whenever I'm in a rut and can't be bothered to even cook my own meal, I always resort to canned stuff x something healthy in my pantry. Which is pretty much how last week looked like. I experienced terrible migraines after work. don't know what or who to blame, work or this horrible alternating weather. One minute it feels like you're on a sizzling plate ready to be served to hungry giants, the next minute it's raining horses and elephants. I would usually have all the energy in the world to make myself a good home-cooked supper, but not the past few days. The heat has been terrible and I just want to lay in bed and not move an inch because of the weather, and mind you, I have my air-conditioner on full blast, ugh? Despite the weather, I'm still thankful because I don't have to endure it while waiting for a ride home. I've been reading some really terrible tweets and posts about how insane it is to ride the MRT nowadays. Thank God I don't have to experience that. 

Sorry about the rants, going back. After binging on fastfood and beach food for the past months, I finally had the initiative to reunite with my kitchen again. I haven't been religiously doing the groceries but I have a few items in my pantry. For starters, I know that I have a ton of canned goods because those shit take a while to expire hence the hoarding. I have the basics, onions, garlic and tomatoes, and whole cupboard of McCormick spices that I don't really need but I bought them anyway because they look pretty. With that, let's see what I came up with!
I usually mix canned goods with pasta because it's the easiest thing ever. Plus, you can always adjust the taste to your liking and put whatever dried herb or spice you feel like adding. I also tend to add whatever vegetable I find in my fridge, and it usually turns out quite tasty, hehe. I also love color in my food hence the multi-colored pasta! For this recipe, you'll need the following ingredients : 
  1. Cook pasta according to package instructions. Set aside. 
  2. Saute garlic and onions using the oil from the sardines. If it's not sufficient, you can add butter or Olive Oil. 
  3. Add the tomatoes and sautee for about 3-5 minutes depending on how you want them. 
  4. Add the sardines and be careful not to break the fish into pieces as they're very delicate. 
  5. A minute before turning the fire off, add the Olivse making sure it's mixed evenly with the sauce. 
  6. Mix your pasta with the sauce and add in a few drops of Lemon juice for a fresh summer-y taste.
This recipe is also perfect for the rainy season, when all you want to do is curl up in bed while doing a marathon of your favorite TV series. If you want to skip the pasta and do a skinny version of this recipe, you can omit the added oil and use it as a dip instead. Perfectly paired with Pita bread or toasted whole wheat loaf bread. Btw, I just realized that posting several photos of one dish in different angles is boring, lol. Next time I'll try to include photos of the ingredients or photos of me in action! That sounds fun. For now, I'll try to get through this work day without falling asleep because my god...this weather is perfect. Have an awesome Thursday! 

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  1. The shots aren't bad at all :)

  2. Mahilg din ako sa mga ganyn ganyan na pasta at de-lata kung ayaw kong mag rice. hehe ����