Food Diary : Persian King Kabab

Thursday, January 22, 2015

If you were to eat only three cuisines in your life, what would they be? A lot of people ask me this question all the time, and for the most part, I've always answered : Filipino, Japanese and Persian. I think at some point I thought of replacing Persian with Italian cuisine, but no, can't let go of my beloved Persian addiction. Though I was wondering if I had cheat days, I would definitely go for Italian.

When I was still lurking at the bottom of the pit called the corporate world, my friends and I would frequent this Persian place along E. Rodriguez because of the price and the food. That was before I discovered there's a whole different planet of Persian restaurants out there. Aaaand, that was about 4 years ago. I think my palate has matured since then. Even if the food seems mediocre at best, I still have a certain affinity for this place because of the memories built around it. Even if I say the food is mediocre, it surely is worth the mediocre amount of money you'll spend. 

During my recent visit, I found that the ambiance of the place has changed since there was a high-rise condo being built in front of it. We decided to dine there because of the environment, but because of all the drilling, it became the most painful  45mins of our lives. Luckily, I was still able to focus on the food. I wanted to see if I'll have the same feeling I felt 4 years ago, hahaha! Wow, that was melodramatic. 

Special Beef Chelo Kabab - It was okay. Not as good as I thought it was, noting that there was also nothing special with their garlic/hot sauce. Mister Kabab still has the best Special Beef Chelo Kabab!

Ox Brain - Now this one still charmed me! It doesn't taste anything like the ones I've had before but somehow, it has its own special signature to it. Plus, I still love it! I devour it as is or with Pita bread.

Salad - I forgot what the salad was called but it didn't have any dressing, just two pieces of calamansi. I didn't like it. 

Hummus - It was good, but to be fair, this is relatively easy to prepare. I don't expect them to mess up such an easy but classic dish.

I'm suffering from a terrible flu and I'm sorry if the announcement of the winner for my giveaway was pushed back for a couple of days. On top of that, Rafflecopter won't let me pick and announce my winner, how awful can this week get? I've sent them an email already. This is extremely inconvenient, I remember this also happened last year and I had to resort to an online randomizer for the winner. Hopefully they get to fix it this time so picking a winner won't be as tedious as last year. 

Aside from a couple of unfortunate things, I've been having a pretty awesome week. I think I'm finally done with my unlucky streak and things are starting to fall right into their proper places. Crossing my fingers! Good vibes, come to Momma. Enjoy the rest of the week because I will be! 

Persian King Kabab 
Budget - P120 - P180 / person
02 9416199 | Open 24hrs
#1 E. Rodriguez Avenue Cor. Tomas Moratom Quezon City
Persian King Kabab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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