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Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm so thankful I finally had the time to update this blog! I was't extremely busy, my priority was on other things--at least for the past few weeks. We're still trying to fix things here and there while getting used to living in a condo. It's not high-maintenance or anything like that, just redecorations and buying more stuff so it finally looks like a house and not a shoe box. I don't think I've even had enough time for myself enough to gather my thoughts after our El Nido trip. I'm still hung over, y'know. 

So anyway, I've been forcing myself to finally edit all of my backlogged photos from earlier this year. I had to slow down a bit with all the cooking, blogging and editing upon moving in to the new place because there's just so much to do. Right when we thought we've finally settled in, there's always something that needs our attention and I hate that feeling. I wanted to fix everything first before finally getting back to regular programming. I was able to squeeze a post here and there but they weren't really well though of. I promise my next posts will all be worthwhile! Well, as if this one isn't, hahaha! Here's what's up! 

  • Bibi bought me some nice shoes! I think I've mentioned several times in this blog that I'm not brand-conscious. As long as something looks nice and sturdy, I'll take it. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate branded one, just like this lovely pair. Even if I'm not fond of sneakers, I really love the color combination!
  • The sister has been travelling everywhere for work and I'm so envious. She says that it's exhausting especially when she has to ride a plane several times a week--it's true when they say you don't know what you have until it's gone. Ha! This is a Merlion shaped chocolate from Singapore. More travels = more treats for me!
  • I'm slowly starting to cook again. Just the basics that don't require a lot of effort. For this one, I had a crap load of bacon and a little side salad of lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, salt and lemon!
  • I don't know what's been up with me but my craving are extreme. And it's a cycle, so it doesn't help. After I eat something sweet, I'll crave for something salty and it goes on. And in case you're wondering, no, I'm not pregnant. :D
  • Over the course of my mini hiatus, several typhoons and LPAs have since plagued the Philippines. This is one of those days. I don't remember exactly what happened but I now I didn't go to work because it was a jungle out there. A lot of people were stuck in heavy traffic due to the floods. I want to air my frustration but...
  •  As I was saying, I'm going back to cooking finally because our kitchen is all set up! I still have a few more things to buy to complete my lair but the basics are there. I cooked this a few weeks ago because I was missing the island life and all the seafood we had in El Nido. I tried as much as I can to replicate the one that we there and surprisingly, mine tasted better. I'm not even bragging, haha! And can I just say, seafood here in the metro is depressingly expensive. I miss the reasonable prices in my hometown. 
  • I think I've mentioned several times that I love my current company! Another plus is that with their help, I was able to get both my parents their own health cards! Yay! I know it's a teenee-tiny thing but I'm so proud of having accomplished just that. I have to pay a certain premium but it's discounted. Another yay!
  • This is one of those nights where we're too lazy to go out so we try to make something out of whatever we have on hand. I cooked Champorado and improvised Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Improvised because we didn't have rice paper and shrimp, so I just made peanut sauce and combined whatever vegetable I can find in the fridge. I also used lumpia wrapper instead of the usual rice paper, good thing it worked! 
  • That's a photo of my work laptop! I don't think I've ever enjoyed work as much. Yes, there are days where I don't feel like getting out of bed or wanting to go home earlier than the usual but I would always want my laptop with me so I can work from wherever I am. I get burn out of the environment, read being stuck in my cube but not the work I find this odd, really odd but quite fulfilling. I hope this doesn't wear out anytime soon. 
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  1. Great kicks! WHERE DID U GET THEM #airmax90

  2. I think they have rice wrappers in S & R but they sell it in bulk.

    1. How many wrappers are contained in a bulk? Considering hoarding anyway since it's really difficult to find.

  3. Good 2 know ur cooking again!

  4. Deym those air90s gurl

  5. Medyo kakaiba yung champrado and spring rolls. hehe la lang.