(500) Days of Summer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, so. I am so not over how it ended! I guess we all feel frustrated when our supposed ending didn't really happen. Welll, from the start, I wasn't really thinking of a happy ending. I was actually hoping for a more tragic one. Tragic for Summer. Lol. I really thought her character didn't make any sense in the movie, she's such a living contradiction! But the movie itself was actually great.
I kept thinking of Katy Perry the whole time. LOL. The movie was impressive, it was frustratingly amazing. The fact that the story was exceptional, I mean a lot of movies don’t have happy endings, but this one is different. I felt like it was different in a weird manner. The fact that in the end, Summer contradicted her own belief and just did what she wanted to do.

While watching the movie, I had mixed emotions. The soundtrack helped a lot. I mean, from The Smiths to Feist to Regina Spektor. I was happy at first; ecstatic like a dancing flamingo then I was flown into a desolate desert with no one to turn to.
It was great, I suggest you all go and watch it. And I highly recommend the Soundtrack more than the movie.

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