She's Everything I'm Not

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Or should I say, Im everything THEY'RE not? Men as a whole are self-absorbed, insentive, fickle-minded biatches. They cannot, ever, stick to one person nor stay loyal to one for the rest of their lives. C'mon guys, now is the time to admit it. Stand up and raise you fuckin' hands. 

I cannot sleep. Maybe because Im angry. NOT! Im pissed! Gravely pissed. The crisp cold won't help either. Im here, staring into nothingness. Pondering over the thought that has kept my mind awake all these hours. 

I saw a message which you initiated, and you always said you're the shy type. Then I saw another again, it felt like a very fined needle just passed through my nimble heart. I never wanted to describe the hurt I get whenever I witness how you break me to pieces. But its the only way on how I can ease the pain. 

Im tired of this setup. Maybe you'll get tired and leave me as well, soon. I know you're bored, I know you're looking for something new. I know you're looking for spontaneity and adventure. I've tried my best to give you a combination, but you always seem to like another. I'm tired. 

Maybe one day I'll just walk out on you. On my way, I'll be picking up the pieces that has always led me to your heart. 

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