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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I was in Baguio for over a week last month because my sister finally graduated from Med School! I mean, the entire 4 years was a struggle for all of us, especially financially but we all pulled through with flying colors! The family decided to stay for a week since she was having her Gabi ng Parangal on a Tuesday and the actual graduation rites on a Saturday. A week in Baguio also means time to revisit most of the places I loved when I was in college! And of course, another gastronomic trip. I thought of vlogging the entire trip but while I was there, I totally just wanted to be in the moment so most of the photos I'll be sharing are from my phone so forgive the quality!

First up on the list, I wanted to bring my Dad to 50's Diner because it's the ultimate bang for your buck--I PROMISE. My Mom was busy having her face done for my sister's Parangal so she wasn't with us, which is a total bummer 'cause she would've enjoyed the selection of food. And now on to the food, let's dig in!

The Place
The original 50's Diner was located in Leonard Wood. It really had the authentic, vintage Diner feels one would usually look for in a place like this. But when I passed by that direction, they've already demolished the entire strip and are looking to build a different establishment. The new location is located inside Porta Vaga mall. It's way smaller than the original and I don't know, being located inside a mall just takes out the entire Diner feel to it. Good thing the food is really worth it. If you're bringing a car, you can park at the Cathedral for a fee. 

The Food
Here's what we got : Boneless Bangus (P145.00), Guys on the hood (P160.00), Mama's Kidd (P115.00) and Wings and Rice (P110.00). You guys can actually see the serving size, right?? It's insane! I got the Boneless Bangus and can you just take a good second and look at how huge that Bangus is? It almost occupied the entire freakin plate. I also love the side salad; veggies can't get any fresher than this. Mama's Kidd hasn't changed--it's always been the same since college! For P115 you get chicken, spaghetti, fries, kropek and rice. I wasn't a fan of the wings, I've tasted better. But surely for the price, you still come out a winner. And now, on to the crowning glory of this feast--Guys on the hood! In a plate you get a combination of pork chop, spaghetti, fried chicken, a slice of pizza and rice! Not really sure why they call it guys in the hood though, cause this plate pretty much sums up my appetite lol. 

Would I come back? Always. I mean, it's insane how they can keep the price at a relatively low rate given the price of goods nowadays. The place may have changed and the location may not entirely be the same anymore, but you know it will always be that place that'll give you that fluttering feeling whenever you come in. Memories of my first date with an ex, eating a pancake tower covered in maple syrup; memories of celebrating a little win over my biology exam; memories of bonding with my dorm mates since the old location was just a stone's throw away from my dorm; memories of finally finishing my thesis; and pure, lovely memories of Baguio. So yes, I will always go back. 

Budget : P100-150/person
Monday - Sunday  |  8AM - 9PM
92 Gen. Luna Road, Baguio City

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