Jack's Joint : Unlimited Kebab for only P249!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

UPDATE : Jack's Joint's Unlibabs promo is extended until June 14, 2016! Hurry and make sure you try out their unlimited kebabs!

Ugh, I hate it when I look back on my last post and I see that it has been weeks since my last update. As mentioned in my last post, I’m busy, but not to the entirety of the word. I still haven’t managed to use my time smartly and it pisses me off because this heat isn’t helping either! But I’m planning to change that this week, which is why I was able to successfully log some time for a blog post, yasss! I miss posting about food so here goes one before I go all out summer with my posts. 

Aside from Japanese food, another cuisine that the boyfriend and I are fond of would be Mediterranean cuisine! We love Ox brain, Kebabs, Hummus, etc. Name it, and we probably love it. And while we have household restaurants that we frequent, we're also always open to trying out new ones. And in one of our food adventures, we chanced upon Jack's Joint. I don't know if I'd still call these food adventures because we do it almost on a daily basis, haha! Summer has been unforgiving with the heat, and the best way to cure this heat, at least for us, would be to stuff ourselves with food. Since we're not realistically beach-body ready at that, meh. 

The place felt like a wholesome sports bar to me. They do pay-per-view for live boxing and basketball events. It’s a good place to watch these events if you don’t want a rowdy, dark place to hangout. And yes, they also serve beer. Yassss! The place is relatively small so if you plan to watch make sure you reserve ahead of time. But given that it just opened its doors to customers last January, I can say the place is sufficient. It’s also strategically located beside the road so it isn’t difficult to spot. Ample parking spots are also available. They also have free wifi so no need to worry if you feel the need to overshare, hehe.

The place is also strategically located near one of the country's leading TV stations. So don't be surprised if you find yourselves dining with local celebrities, just like our run in with a couple of familiar comedians, hehe. 

Now, for my favorite part. While Jack’s Joint mainly focuses on Mediterranean food, they also have Burgers and Pizza—for when you and your friends can’t easily settle on just once cuisine! During our visit, we made sure we tried at least one of each. Here’s what we had : Ox Brain (P100), Adana Kebab (P175), Lamb Shank (P585), Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Fries (P140), Chicken Pirzola (P155), Four-Cheese Pizza (P340), Small Strawberry Shake (P75) and Big Yogurt Shake (P95). I love Ox brain—and with all the Ox brains I’ve tried in the past, I can definitely say this is one of the best. I also have to note how amazing their hot sauce is. 

The Lamb Shank was also phenomenal. If you haven’t tasted lamb before, I suggest you make this your first try. Most lamb meats I’ve tasted in the past are either too dry or rubbery, this one on the other hand was just soft and almost melts in your mouth. I was even wondering why they served the dish with a knife when you can easily pull the meat using just your fork. I also enjoyed the Four-Cheese Pizza because it has Blue cheese! I find Four-Cheese pizzas with blue cheese quite rare in the metro. Or maybe I’m just dining in the wrong pizza parlors? Either way, their Four-cheese was one of the highlights for me--perfectly paired with their Quarter Pounder with fries! The Yogurts Shake and Strawberry Shake were also seamless thirst quenchers.

Jack’s Joint is running a limited time offer on unlimited kebab! Unlibabs is priced at P249+ for lunch and P279+ for dinner. Prices are not inclusive of VAT hence the +. I tell you they have one of the best kebabs I’ve ever tasted in my short existence. And even with the unlimited kebabs, don't forget to try their Lamb Shank. I swear my measly life on it. Jack's Joint is open from Monday - Thursday (11AM - 11PM) and Friday - Saturday (11AM - 1AM). Leave me a note if you're dropping by cause I've been itching to go back!

Budget - P150 - 250 / person
For reservations, call or text 09177020483
115-D Panay Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila. 
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