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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Whenever people ask me where I live, I have a tendency to say Ortigas when in fact, I live in Mandaluyong. My place isn't necessary like a border between Ortigas and Mandaluyong so you can scratch that A Walk To Remember reference if that's what you're thinking, lol. But it's literally a few kilometers from Ortigas which is why I also get confused! Several online deliveries later, it finally dawned on me that I do live in Mandaluyong and not Ortigas, lol. 

Enough about my where do I really live dilemma. Let's talk about this new gem of a restaurant that has been around for quite a while, but I was only able to try out recently. Ever since I read about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, I've been dying to try the experience of eating in a carinderia-like setup while enjoying gourmet food at a friendly price. I initially wanted to try their branch at Plainview because of the authentic carinderia feel but somehow I ended up at their Kapitolyo branch. If you haven't been there, I'm thrilled to show you how the food looks like!


The place was literally a garage turned into a place where people can eat albeit not comfortably especially when it's raining. I'm assuming the owner also lives there since it's practically attached to the house. In all fairness, they tried to make it as cozy as possible with the addition of decorations and lovely light fixtures but it doesn't really change the fact that it's still a garage. It's also beside the road which makes the dining experience feel a little busy not just because of the waiters running around but also because of all the cars passing by. There was also a scary warning posted to make sure not to leave valuable in your car since the area is known for thieves or people who open cars to steal valuables. What an exeperience, lol. If you're planning to visit, I highly recommend not bringing a car because looking for parking space is a bitch. We had to go around the area thrice before we found a safe and convenient space to park the car. 


The food was awesome! We ordered Honey Garlic Chicken (P95), Crispy Pork Belly (P95), Grilled Buttered Suman with Ube, White Chocolate and Goya Ganache (P75) and extra servings of Tomato Pesto (P15) and 2 Eggs Freestyle (P25). I love everything we ordered! My personal favorite was the Crispy Pork Belly because their serving size is right in my alley--huge! Especially at that price, I think everything was well worth our money. The Suman could've used more ganache because you know how Suman is a bit bland? Yeah, that's why. The presentation of the food was also quite lovely. Once you see it, you don't quite get the feeling that you're eating at a garage turned restaurant, hehe. 


Service was slow. I don't know if there ever is a lean time for them but we came in around 2PM and the place was still packed. Late lunch? I don't think so. I think a lot of people really flock the place because of the price and the amount of serving you get at a low cost. Our table was just in front of the kitchen and we can practically everything see everything that's happening inside. I don't have any qualms on the competency of the Chef or his crew, but I do have concerns about the cleanliness of the kitchen. Visit the place and see for yourself. Despite the service being slow, the staff were very courteous and polite and they also make small talk so it's all good. 

My first ever dining experience at Kanto wasn't perfect but it was awesome! I know I'll be coming back soon because I have yet to try their pancakes and other best-sellers. I just wish I had more space for food so I can have them all in one go, sigh. By the way, since I work in Ortigas and I live in Mandaluyong, I was thinking if I should pursue Kapitolyo Diaries since there are a lot of awesome restaurants to try around the area. I've only been to two though because some of them are quite pricey, hehe. That's something to think about. For now, on to the next food adventure!

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
02 7755428 | Open 24 hours
1st St., Pasig, Metro Manila. 
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